June 23, 2017 – “Dr. Love” Paul Zak, Neuromarketer Chris Dayley & Freelancer Jason Montoya

June 23, 2017 – “Dr. Love” Paul Zak, Neuromarketer Chris Dayley & Freelancer Jason Montoya

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Dr. Paul Zak – Neuroeconomist, Scientist, Speaker, Entrepreneur 

Paul’s two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rain forest of Papua New Guinea. All this in a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. His academic lab and companies he has started develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people. His latest book, Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies, uses neuroscience to measure and manage organizational cultures to inspire teamwork and accelerate business outcomes. His 2012 book, The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity, recounted his unlikely discovery of the neurochemical oxytocin as the key driver of trust, love, and morality that distinguish our humanity. Here are his specs: Paul is the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies and Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University. He has degrees in mathematics and economics from San Diego State University, a Ph.D. in economics from University of Pennsylvania, and post-doctoral training in neuroimaging from Harvard. Paul’s research on oxytocin and relationships has earned him the nickname “Dr. Love.” That’s cool. He’s all about adding more love to the world.
Paul ZakPaul Zak

Chris Dayley – Neuromarketer, A/B Tester, CRO Speaker & Evangelist, VP of Disruptive Advertising

Chris Dayley lives and breathes internet marketing. Conversion rate testing and optimization are his passion and area of expertise. His company has created innovative testing programs for businesses, with a tried and proven process for evaluating and executing high-impact tests. Chris is also an avid CRO speaker, having spoken at many conferences, events, and corporate trainings. He is the VP of Testing & Site Optimization at Disruptive Advertising, a company built on creating results-based relationships with clients through humble and hungry strategists at the top of their game.
Chris DayleyChris Dayley

Jason Montoya – Communication Specialist Freelancer, Author of Path of the Freelancer

Now a full-time freelancer, Jason Montoya originally moved to Atlanta in 2005 with his wife, Cait. He attempted to make an animated feature film, launched a political news website, graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute Of Atlanta, and owned a marketing agency for seven years. He’s also one of the three originators of IDEMA, a framework for capturing and sustaining ideas, and the author of a parable titled The Island Story. In his journey, he has personally experienced and seen others experience the life of surviving in isolation. In his times of need, others helped and inspired him when he needed it. As a result, his personal aim is to inspire others to a place of thriving and togetherness. What does Thriving Together mean for Jason? It means living in healthy community with others. One where his relationship with God, family, work, community and country are lived out as a positive example. An example others would aspire to.
Jason MontoyaJason Montoya

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