June 21, 2017 – Create BUZZ Pamela Herrmann, Culture Change Expert David Loshelder & Fulcrum Investing Kevin Van Eekeren

June 21, 2017 – Create BUZZ Pamela Herrmann, Culture Change Expert David Loshelder & Fulcrum Investing Kevin Van Eekeren

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Pamela Herrmann – Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Chief Storyteller at CREATE Buzz

Pamela Herrmann is the Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder of CREATE Buzz, specializing in helping brands tell their story. She’s a best-selling author, host of the daily video series, “The Morning Would Show”, and a national keynote speaker on the subject of creating uncommonly awesome connections with your customers. Pamela’s book, “The Customer Manifesto” was ranked #3 by Business.com as a customer service book every business owner should read, outranking Gary Vaynerchuk and Jim Collins. She has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs with her straight talk about growing an online business and has worked with the good people of jetBlue, State of New Jersey Main Street Program, Colorado Main Streets, Downtown Colorado, Inc., Oklahoma Main Street Authority, North Carolina Main Streets, Iowa Downtown Conference and Threads Worldwide. Pamela is a life-long entrepreneur and small business owner.
Pamela HerrmannPamela Herrmann

David Loshelder – Culture Change & Engagement Facilitator, Author, Leadership Consultant

A master storyteller, David Loshelder inspires audiences with his combination of insight, interest and humor. Though each speech is customized to the unique needs of his audiences, Loshelder most frequently addresses topics ranging from personal development and leadership. Additionally, David has been practicing, training and teaching judo and self-defense for 28 years now. He currently holds a third-degree black belt in judo and has trained and competed nationally and internationally throughout his judo career. David was ranked the USA #1 judo player in his weight class in the early 1990s. He is also a 5X USA National place winner, 2X US International Open silver medalist, 10X Pennsylvania State champion and he was named the Pennsylvania Most Valuable Player twice. He has operated his own judo club, Three Rivers Judo Inc., and now offers his expertise to the local sector, instructing self-defense classes, workshops and seminars to colleges, universities, libraries, and private establishments. David is the author of Protect Yourself: Top 10 Lifesaving Self-Defense Techniques.
David LoshelderDavid Loshelder

Kevin Van Eekeren – Founder and CEO of Fulcrum Investing, Fulcrum Farms 

Kevin started his career as a logistic officer for a SWAT team, giving him insight into the criminal justice world. He soon found that training SWAT teams was the best way to reduce use of force while ensuring the national security of our country. Fulcrum Tactical was born out of that idea and within 18 months he took it from a charity to a for-profit company.  He started investing in startups on the side but focused on Fulcrum Tactical and his new venture, Fulcrum Farms — a sustainable farm producing high quality meat and eggs for families and restaurants in the Chicagoland area.  After 6 years, Kevin sold Fulcrum Tactical and moved on to investing in startups full time by starting Fulcrum Investing.  He also spends his free time co hosting a podcast called The State of Logic.
Kevin Van EekerenKevin Van Eekeren

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