June 16, 2017 – Becoming Facebook Michael Hoefflinger, IP Attorney Bobby Klinck

June 16, 2017 – Becoming Facebook Michael Hoefflinger, IP Attorney Bobby Klinck

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Michael Hoefflinger – Author of Becoming Facebook, Executive-In-Residence at XSeed Capital 

After working directly for Andy Grove at Intel and as general manager of the Intel Inside program, Mike moved to Facebook to serve as Head of Global Business Marketing working with Sheryl Sandberg. During his nearly seven years there, the teams he built helped dramatically grow the advertising business during Facebook’s unprecedented rise to global influence. He is now an executive-in-residence at XSeed Capital, author of Becoming Facebook (a ✭✭✭✭✭ #1 New Release in its category at Amazon.com) and has been featured at Bloomberg TV, SiriusXM, Forbes, LA Times, the Huffington Post, BloombergBusinessweek, Business Insider, Recode, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Talks at Google, Canada’s Business News Network, Cheddar TV, CEOWorld magazine, KGO Radio, SocialPros Podcast and many others.
Mike HoefflingerMike Hoefflinger

Bobby Klinck – Intellectual Property Attorney for Klinck LLC, Author of The Entrepreneur’s IP Planning Playbook: A Strategy Guide to Help Solopreneurs, Startup Founders, and Entrepreneurs Harness Their Intellectual Capital 

Robert “Bobby” Klinck is the founder of Klinck LLC, an intellectual property boutique in Washington, D.C. He represents innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses in intellectual property matters. His practice focuses intellectual property advising, planning, management, monetization, and litigation. Bobby has significant experience in intellectual property matters. He has assisted clients in developing strategies to monetize their intellectual property and has litigated contested infringement suits. He has represented clients with intellectual property spanning diverse technologies, including systems for the use in electronic commodity exchanges, online advertising, medical devices, computer chips, wireless data transmission systems, and chemical compounds. He is the author of Klinck LLC’s Startup IP Blog, Klinck LLC’s [Non]Obvious Insights Newsletter, and a book entitled Patent Litigation Primer: A Guide For Inventors And Business Owners.
Bobby KlinckBobby Klinck

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