July 9, 2013 – Glenn Garnes & Network Marketer Clay Stevens

July 9, 2013 – Glenn Garnes & Network Marketer Clay Stevens

Broadcast July 9,  2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Glenn Garnes – Founder of Small Business CEO and Village Connector

Former attorney Glenn Garnes is the creator of a community for entrepreneurs who are looking to collaborate and hold each other accountable. He has also headed up a TV, newspaper, and radio company called the Village Connector. This is another online community in which the content is completely user-generated and aimed to build the resources of the community.

Clay Stevens – Author of Six Figures in Six Months and Founder of Ri Training

Clay Stevens is a go-to expert on network marketing, as proven by his two #1 bestselling Amazon books. After years in the industry, he has decided to pass on what he knows to others. He has taken his years of experience and developed a strong, 3-step formula that has been proven to grow network marketing firms of all types. He comes on to share the value of network marketing and how you can use the services of a firm in the industry or start your own!