July 3, 2013 – TravelKeys Bobby Gibson & Jusak Yang Bernhard & Jeff Manley

July 3, 2013 – TravelKeys Bobby Gibson & Jusak Yang Bernhard & Jeff Manley

Broadcast July 3,  2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Bobby Gibson – CEO of TravelKeys.com

Bobby grew up running this business. His parents took him on trips around the Caribbean as a child, researching all the estates including in the site today. TravelKeys is like VRBO, but for great, amazing properties with concierge service. Imagine your OWN house in Tuscany for 7 nights, with pool, maid, masseuse, chef, and NO one else! We talk about what its like to take over from owner-parents, how he changed the business, plans for the future, and why this site is better then the competition!

Jusak Yang Bernhard & Jeff Manley РFounders of TailsSpin

Today, we find out how well Jim is fee

ding his dog, Sonny, according to the standards set out by TailsSpin. TailsSpin is a company that flies in the face of improperly prepared dog food. There have recently been many cases of dog sickness due to toxins found in their food, especially those canine edibles manufactured in the East. TailsSpin’s treats are completely safe for consumption, and the business model is working! The company has dominated their geographic markets and are one of the reason you do not see many PetSmarts in Savannah, GA. This episode, we have the founders, Jusak Bernhard and Jeff Manley on to see how they have gained market share and warded off the looming competition!