July 26, 2013 – Success Bookster Kip Marlow & SuperMB Brian Moran

July 26, 2013 – Success Bookster Kip Marlow & SuperMB Brian Moran

Will Broadcast July 26,  2013  at 2pm ET on Liberty Express Radio

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Kip Marlow- Host of Entrepreneurs Club Radio and Author of The Entrepreneurs

Kip Marlow is a veteran entrepreneur that has taken his career to the airwaves. Kip started his entrepreneurial journey with Marlow Surgical Technologies which he ran for 22 years. During this period, he developed over 13 patents! In 2010, he started his own entrepreneur radio show called the Entrepreneurs Club Radio. This show is dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial life through its guests and the covering of new technology, marketing techniques, and services that entrepreneurs can take advantage of in their own lives. Make sure to check out his show every Monday @ 4PM EST on AM 1330 WELW, and while you’re at it, check him out right here on School for Startups Radio!

Brian Moran

We welcome expert business consultant, Brian Moran, for the second time on the show!

Brian went solo in 2002 when he started Moran Media Group, where he helped gain exposure for his clients through various media channels. He used this experience in starting his own company to begin helping others grow. Thus, Brian Moran & Associates took form. Through this venture, he helps small businesses achieve their aspirations by guiding their growth and management. Brian has generated significant pull throughout his career, and he has recently used this  to assemble an impressive network of entrepreneurial experts devoted to  helping marketers connect to the SMB market.

Brian is also a member of such Boards as the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council, US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council, and SCORE’s National Marketing Council (from which he won the Lou Campanelli Award). With of all this experience under his belt, we expect this to be a very beneficial interview.

Today, we have Brian on to go in depth on an article he wrote on marketing your brand and the most important decision you may ever face in this endeavor! Do your homework and check out the article here!