July 24, 2013 – Super Angel Bernie Dixon and Master Negotiator Tali Raphaely

July 24, 2013 – Super Angel Bernie Dixon and Master Negotiator Tali Raphaely

Broadcast July 24, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Tali Raphaely- President and Managing Member of Armour Settlement Services and author of The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate

Negotiation is an art rather than a science, but there are principles and strategies that help shape the “rules” of negotiating. Tali Raphaely is well acquainted and well practiced in these and has become a reputable name and source of knowledge in the world of negotiating. His book, The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate, lays out these guidelines in an easy to understand format.  The conference room is the playing field, and Tali has the playbook. On this episode, be sure to tune in for Tali’s story and some negotiation freebies!

Bernie Dixon- Board Member of the Atlanta Technology Angels 

In addition to learning all about angel funding, Bernie Dixon will share with us a little about the Atlanta Tech Angels’ next entrepreneurial development program and educational offering, LaunchPad2X, to be hosted in Atlanta, GA. This is a for-women-only program that will offer leadership training, business strategies, and mentoring/networking opportunities. They are currently accepting applications for their Fall 2013 session, the form for which can be found here! The application dealing is AUGUST 16, 2013 and spots are competitive, so make sure to sign up as soon as you can!