July 11, 2019 – Target Funding Kedma Ough and Crowdfunding Update Mark Roderick

July 11, 2019 – Target Funding Kedma Ough and Crowdfunding Update Mark Roderick

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Kedma Ough – Author of Target Funding, Small Business Superhero, Innovation & Funding Expert, SBA Champion, 5th Gen Entrepreneur 

When you lookout the spectrum of funds for new products, we have
everything from forgivable
 loans, actual loans, to traditional
grants, to resources that provide services at a fraction of the cost,
to traditional funding. 

Kedma Ough is a proven champion for small businesses. She is a nationally recognized business development and business funding expert, innovation and entrepreneurship thought leader and business advisor for independent inventors. Also, Kedma is a fifth generation entrepreneur. She provides straightforward education to innovators on feasibility, funding and free resources. Kedma is the founder and director of AVITA business center. She helped more than 10,000 individuals fund, launch, and grow their business. Kedma writes and lectures on entrepreneurship, innovation, business development, business funding, and other topics. Her first book, Target Funding – a veritable GPS to proven funding solutions for creating, improving, or growing a business.

Mark Roderick – Crowdfunding Attorney at Flaster Greenberg P.C.

Real Estate is far and away the most popular crowdfunded industry.
Recently, a client of mine raised $14 million for a single project.

Mark Roderick is a Partner of Flaster Greenberg and Wallenstein, P.C., specializing in the field of Federal and State Taxation. Mark concentrates his practice on the representation of entrepreneurs and their businesses. He represents companies across a wide range of industries, including technology, real estate, and healthcare. He is one of the leading attorneys in the Crowdfunding/Fintech industry and speaks at conferences and other events all over the world. Mark represents dozens of portals and other participants in the Crowdfunding industry, providing both technical knowledge and industry expertise.