May 13, 2019 – Latte Story John David Mann, First Orion Charles Morgan and Wealth Within Dale Gillham

May 13, 2019 – Latte Story John David Mann, First Orion Charles Morgan and Wealth Within Dale Gillham

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John David Mann – Entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author of The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Live Rich – Read interview highlights here

Budgets go against human nature. The fundamental identity of a budget is the word ‘Don’t.’ What a budget tells you is your limit. Instead of thinking about budgets, think about what you want, and make it automatic.

John David Mann has been creating careers since he was a teenager. At age 17, he and a few friends started their own high school in Orange, New Jersey, called Changes, Inc., whose faculty he joined after graduating. Before turning to business and journalism, he forged a successful career as a concert cellist and prize-winning composer. At 15 he was recipient of the 1969 BMI Awards to Student Composers and several New Jersey State grants for composition; his musical compositions were performed throughout the U.S. and his musical score for Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound” (written at age 13) was performed at the legendary amphitheater at Epidaurus, Greece, where the play was originally premiered. In his twenties and thirties he founded four companies, built a multi-million-dollar sales organization, and established several national business journals. John is an award-winning author whose writings have earned the Nautilus Award, the Axiom Business Book Award (Gold Medal), and Taiwan’s Golden Book Award for Innovation. He is coauthor of the New York Times bestsellers “The Red Circle” with Brandon Webb and “Flash Foresight” with Daniel Burrus, and the global bestseller “The Go-Giver” with Bob Burg. His books are available in two dozen languages. His 2011 “Take the Lead” (with Betsy Myers) was named by Tom Peters and the Washington Post as “best leadership book of 2011.”

Charles Morgan – CEO/Chairman of First Orion and Author of Matters of Life and Data: The Remarkable Journey of a Big Data Visionary Whose Work Impacted Millions (Including You)

Be realistic about your expectations. Its all too easy for us to fall
in love with our own ideas without critically examining them and
not really evaluating things like viability on a large scale.

Charles Morgan is the CEO and Chairman of First Orion, and author of a memoir – Matters of Life and Data. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Acxiom Corporation (1972-2008), a world leader in data gathering and its accompanying technology, with 1,500 separate pieces of information on half a billion people around the globe. A gadget geek from childhood, Charles has raced motorcycles, flown jets, and built and driven his own sport race cars in a professional career that includes victories at both the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona, along with 17 other wins. Charles spent 35 years building Acxiom Corporation from 25 employees in a small Arkansas town to 7,000 employees worldwide, with $1.5 billion in annual revenue, as it became the world leader in data mining and its accompanying technology. After “retiring” from Acxiom in 2008, Morgan invested a million dollars into a technology start-up called First Orion. He guided it to profitability in late 2013, but it took years longer to become a bona fide “success” in its mission of placing a call-blocking system within a major telecom’s network. Today, First Orion stands in the forefront of the cutting-edge work of protecting consumers and businesses from the explosion of scam phone calls.

Dale Gillham – Founder and Executive Director of Wealth Within and Author of Accelerate Your Wealth: It’s Your Money, Your Choice