March 25, 2014 – Clothing Teghvir Sethi, Green Tristan Bel & Pinch Jeremy Reid

March 25, 2014 – Clothing Teghvir Sethi, Green Tristan Bel & Pinch Jeremy Reid

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Teghvir Sethi – Founder & CEO at .Bk – Highlight Here

Teghvir Sethi is Founder and CEO at .Bk. Teghvir has taken over the family run business and is focused on bringing it into the social media world. .Bk makes small runs of its clothing, very rare in the world today. This dedication to small runs and quality changes the operations and sourcing dramatically. They work with small, family owned factories and insist on ethically-produced apparel. His goal is ‘not to make good-enough shirts for thousands of people, but to make unique shirts for unique people.’



Tristan Bel – President at GreenSmart – Highlight Here

Tristan Bel has just made a big change in his life. For the past 12 years, he has helped small companies to design products and building strong operations team to support their successes. But recently, Tristan took on a more permanent role with GreenSmart. They recycle post consumer plastic bottles to create incredible satchels, cases, and backpacks. The products are great and environmentally friendly. Tristan talks about his new role and plans for the future.

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Jeremy Reid – Executive Chairman at PINCHme – Highlight Here

Jeremey Reid has built an incredible organization dedicated to building brands. Companies hire him to distribute millions of sample products to consumers that opt in and agree to review the products. They increases sales by delivering mass awareness and insights for top brands. Jeremy wraps up a great show full of entrepreneurs building cool businesses.


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