July 27, 2018 – Smart Contracts Amy Wan, Work Experience Design Karen Jaw-Madson and Jean Chatzsky (sp)

July 27, 2018 – Smart Contracts Amy Wan, Work Experience Design Karen Jaw-Madson and Jean Chatzsky (sp)

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Amy Wan – CEO and co-founder of Sagewise

Amy Wan is the CEO and co-founder of Sagewise, is one of the few women who has broken the glass ceiling of venture capital funding. Before starting Sagewise, Amy was a prominent lawyer and was a partner at a boutique law firm and general counsel at a fintech company. She is the founder and co-organizer of Legal Hackers LA, a group that focuses on the intersection of law and technology. She has also worked in international regulatory and trade policy at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Amy created Sagewise because she noticed a costly void in the tech industry that one billion dollars were lost through smart contracts in 2017. Sagewise is a company that is using technology to efficiently resolve disputes with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
Amy Wan

Karen Jaw-Madson – Principal at Co.- Design of Work Experience and Author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences at Work

Jean Chatzky – Financial Journalist and Weekly Podcast Host of HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky is an award-winning personal finance journalist, AARP’s personal finance ambassador, and a best-selling author. Her ninth book is AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip. She also wrote Operation Money, a free financial guidebook for Military Families available at www.jeanchatzky.com. She believes knowing how to manage our money is one of the most important life skills for people at every age and has made it her mission to help simplify money matters, increasing financial literacy both now and for the future. Jean also works as an educational partner for companies and other organizations looking to help their clients and employees get a better handle on their financial lives. She speaks to groups, large and small, about financial and workplace issues and loves the opportunity to moderate a good panel.
Jean ChatzkyJean Chatzky