April 29, 2015 – Get Sexy w Janelle & Rob Alex, Cerkl emails Tarek Kamil & Wingmate Alan Vladusic

April 29, 2015 – Get Sexy w Janelle & Rob Alex, Cerkl emails Tarek Kamil & Wingmate Alan Vladusic

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Doctors Janelle & Rob Alex – Relationship & Intimacy Dynamics Specialists and Founders of MissionDateNight.com

Janelle and Rob Alex are sex specialists! And entrepreneurs! Maybe our favorite combination ever! They are the co-founders of The Spiritual Peak Center and they work  with couples helping them indulge in sexy, unique spiritual tools so they can thrive in their relationships and their businesses.  They use a blend of movement, spiritual connection, conscious awareness and business tools to help others connect to their creative energy. They say creativity is directly connected to the energy of the life force. Their help can show you how to implement unique, yet practical, spiritual tools to make empowered decisions quicker and easier.  Sexual energy or creative energy can deepen relationships, help to generate more money and fulfill their life’s dreams. Janelle started her first company, a dance studio, at 19-years-old, and even with four well-established studios in the community, within two years, she had more students than the other three. After 15 years and 2500 students, she sold the studio.
Janelle & Rob AlexJanelle & Rob AlexJanelle & Rob Alex

Tarek Kamil – Founder and President of Cerkl

Tarek Kamil is Founder of Cerkl, a company devoted to fixing the email problem. Entrepreneurs should be sending lots of bulk emails, driving sales. But we all hate the flood of junk we get. What if every email was designed to have meaning for you? That’s the goal of Tarek and his team at Cerkl. Cerkl allows you to send email communication through personalized newsletters. Cerkl allows the recipient to define who they can’t miss hearing from, what is meaningful to them, the frequency of contact, the time of day they want their information and even what language they want it delivered in. Prior to Cerkl, Tarek served as Executive Director of Online Strategies for InfoMotion Sports, a pioneering leader for innovating sports products. Prior to InfoMotion, he served as a VP of Interactive Games for FOX Sports, where he oversaw all facets of the online gaming operations. His company WhatIfSports.com was sold to FOX Interactive Media in September, 2005. The company had over 500,000 members and enjoyed partnerships with ESPN, Fox Sports, MLB, NBA and the NHL.
Tarek KamilTarek KamilTarek Kamil

Alan Vladusic – Co-founder of Wingmate

Alan Vladusic was born in Bosnia, raised in Germany and now lives in New York City. He achieved high level positions at several advertising agencies before starting Wingmate. Alan believes that no matter where you are, fashion is all about the details. And so the creation of Wingmate was inspired to help men with the details. Alan has also designed everything from book covers to furniture to his Mom’s house back home in Bosnia. His collar is never out of place.
Alan Vladusic Alan Vladusic

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