January 13, 2015 – PwC IPO Boss Mike Gould & Email Expert Ben Settle

January 13, 2015 – PwC IPO Boss Mike Gould & Email Expert Ben Settle

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Mike Gould – Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Leader at PwC

Mike Gould is a Capital Markets partner at PwC. He has twenty five years of experience providing accounting, financial reporting and advisory services for the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom markets. Mike leads PwC’s Public Offerings services practice in the US, where he helps his clients access the debt and equity capital markets in the US, by providing them with technical and project management advice on accounting and financial reporting issues associated with the SEC registration process, Initial Public Offerings (“IPO’s”), 144a debt and equity offerings, divestitures and carve-outs, and conversions to and from IFRS and US GAAP. Mike’s specific technical knowledge focuses on accounting for carve-outs, purchase accounting, pro forma financial statements, stock compensation, principles of revenue recognition, segmental reporting, the SEC registration process and private equity exit strategies. As a result, he frequently takes on the role of an “IPO Advisor” to help his clients both with their initial registration process, and also with the process of preparing to operate as a public company.
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Ben Settle – Top Email Marketing Specialist 

Ben Settle will help you double your sales with email. Ben says that he “shamelessly makes a living writing a quick email each morning and then I goof off the rest of the day.” Sounds like the dream entrepreneurial life! He is sort of like a bum, but he gets paid. Ben writes daily email guides that you can receive, full of tips to increase sales through email. You can download a free copy of the first issue of his $97/month “Email Players” newsletter, which contains 24 ways to start doubling your income with email today. Great stuff. Ben SettleSchool for Startups Radio

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