June 21, 2021 – IP Law Rick Martin and Customer Onboard Expert Donna Weber

June 21, 2021 – IP Law Rick Martin and Customer Onboard Expert Donna Weber

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Rick Martin – Founder of Martin IP Legal

The number one issue every entrepreneur is going to face is a
branding issue. That involves trademarks, on both sides. You have
to make sure your brand isn’t confusingly similar with something
out there and then you must protect your branding. 

Rick Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a J.D. from Catholic University Columbus School of Law School in Washington, D.C. After working for large law firms in Texas, his fierce independence got the best of him and he decided to return to his Midwestern roots where he founded Martin IP Law Group. The Martin IP Law Group team has the depth of skill and breadth of experience to respond to business needs and address technological matters in any dispute or transaction involving patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition issues, known collectively as Intellectual Property. Since Rick was a kid he has enjoyed taking things apart to find out how they work. While this “skill” might have been annoying to his mom when it came time to vacuum, it’s a great asset to inventors who need someone to figuratively tear their idea apart and put it into words that the patent office understands – something he also knows a lot about, since he previously worked as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. For over 25 years, he has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses protect their ideas, inventions and identities through patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related contracts, licenses and agreements.

Donna Weber – Customer Onboarding Expert and Author  

What most companies do wrong is think that it is all about the sale.
In the new subscription economy, if don’t drive the customer
to value, we all lose. 

Donna Weber, the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises create customers for life. As a customer success thought leader, influencer, and strategist, Weber has been recognized as a Top 50 Customer Success Influencer of 2021 and Top 100 Customer Success Strategist of 2020. Donna Weber wrote the book on customer onboarding. Donna is a recognized Customer Success thought leader, influencer, and strategist. She specializes in helping high- growth companies create customers for life. Companies that work with Donna decrease time to customer first value, increase customer lifetime value, reduce implementation time and costs, product usage and adoption, and scale Customer Success organizations. Her new book is Onboarding Matters: How Successful Companies Transform New Customers Into Loyal Champions.