January 11, 2016 – Inventor Roger Brown & Handshakin Matt Holmes

January 11, 2016 – Inventor Roger Brown & Handshakin Matt Holmes

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Roger Brown – Famous Inventor and Licensing Expert  

Roger Brown started out writing jokes for a local morning radio show while in high school. This led to writing gags for nationally a syndicated comic strip which led him to writing for Marvel comics, D.C. Comics, Disney comics and a long list of other national publications. But eventually he got a real job in industry. He was hired by DuPont at the Savannah River Site as a Reactor Operator producing weapons grade plutonium, uranium and tritium. Roger is credited with saving the company millions of dollars through inventions, modifications to existing equipment and safety related issues. Over a 20 year employment at SRS, Roger received numerous awards for his inventions and creative thinking. Realizing his potential for creating marketable inventions, Roger turned to the private sector. Today, Roger has inventions licensed in the toy, tool, kitchen, eyewear, and nuclear industries. He has gotten all his products licensed and on the market spending less than $100 on each and some for as little as $8. They include Knockout Hockey, Power Pitch Horseshoes, Quick Clip, Pizza Scissors, Super Sleever, Ball Valve Extractor tool and most recently the Pebble Peeler. He has another kitchen gadget slated to hit store shelves in 2016. Roger has been a coach and mentor to numerous inventors interested in learning how to get their inventions licensed and to market with very little investment.
Roger BrownRoger Brown

Matt Holmes – Founder of the Handshaking Video Series 

Matt ‘Handshakin’ Holmes is a serial entrepreneur and host of the Handshakin Video Series, featuring today’s top entrepreneurs on the best networking strategies. He took his first swing at entrepreneurship in 2009 by consulting in the automotive industry as a ‘realtor’ to help clients buy cars from a private party. He realized he needed to launch his first ‘big boy’ business if he really wanted to chase his dream. He launched Holmes Real Estate Group, which allowed out of state investors to ride part of the record breaking appreciation that Denver single family homes saw from 2011 to 2015. They were then rented to the thousands of millennials that moved to Denver every month during that time. After turning this company into a passive income machine, Matt sold part of it to chase bigger dreams–internet, tech startups, meeting the business leaders of the world. He has interviewed Congressmen, Venture Capitalists, and Billionaires, and Matt has also been on numerous podcasts sharing tips on strategically making connections and relationship building. He now helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch with the best networking strategies in the Handshakin Headquarters (co-working space) and Handshakin Startup Pre-accelerator.
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