January 31, 2018 – In the Smithsonian Lon Safko, Meeting Guru Dr. Rick Brinkman and Gig Economies Brian Ludwick

January 31, 2018 – In the Smithsonian Lon Safko, Meeting Guru Dr. Rick Brinkman and Gig Economies Brian Ludwick

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Lon Safko – Keynote Speaker, CEO at Innovative Thinking, and Author of The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success

Lon Safko is the creator of the “First Computer to Save a Human Life.” That computer, along with 18 other inventions and more than 30,000 of Lon‘s papers, are in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. He has created numerous hardware and software solutions for the physically challenged, developed the first CAD software for civil engineers, designed the archetypes for the Apple Newton & Microsoft’s Bob Operating Systems, and is also responsible for those handy little Tool-Tips help-balloon pop-ups. He is the founder of 14 successful companies, including Paper Models Inc., which developed Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising and Virtual-Electronic-Retailing “V-E-Tailing” for business, promotions, and education for which Lon holds three United States patents. Lon has been recognized for his creativity with such prestigious awards as The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year, Arizona Innovation Network’s Innovator of the Year, The Arizona Software Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young / Inc.Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, The Public Relations Society of America’s, Mark of Excellence Award, and nominated as a Fellow of the nation‘s Computer History Museum. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, PC Novice, INC. Magazine, CFO, Popular Science Magazines and the New York Times just to name a few. Lon was even selected by the Smithsonian institution to represent The American Inventor at their annual conference. His bestselling book “The Social Media Bible” unlocks the mysteries of the hottest new Internet wave for business. This book is transforming corporate, government, and non profit marketing strategies and how they use these new media to reach their desired audiences with powerful messages and efficiency. Lon is also a professional blogger for FastCompany, appointed the first Ambassador for SCORE, and the USA Today CEO Advisory Board.
Lon SafkoLon Safko

Dr. Rick Brinkman – Keynote Speaker, Trainer on Effective Communication, and Author of Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More

Dr. Rick Brinkman is a leadership and communications expert who teaches Conscious Communication® for leadership, teamwork, customer service and effective meetings. Since 1987, he’s performed more than 4,000 programs in 17 countries, sharing his insights on human behavior and strategies for practical communication. He is known for Educating through Entertainment, using humor and storytelling to make the learning memorable. A popular keynote speaker, his clients range from NASA and the FBI to Merck, Adobe, the Federal Reserve, and IBM. He is the co-author of the international bestselling book “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.” He describes how to transform universal difficult behaviors like whining, negativity, nitpicking, attacks, tantrums, sniping, know-it-alls, and passive yes, maybe and nothing people. Dr. Rick imparts sophisticated knowledge with a light-hearted touch. Using everyday situations, and character sketches, he creates a larger-than-life presentation that fills your people with comic and cosmic shocks of recognition and insight. His techniques produce results-oriented action for your organization because the substance of Dr. Rick’s content is embedded by humor into memory.
Dr. Rick Brinkman

Brian Ludwick – Pittsburgh Market President at Bank of America

Brian Ludwick has had an impressive career in bank and financial services. He worked with Merrill Lynch and Prudential Securities before he was named Wealth Management Bank and Credit Executive for the Greater Mid West Market. In that role Brian worked with the Wealth Management Bankers to provide Banking services to Financial Advisors and their clients. In 2014, Brian was named Market Executive for the Louisville and Associates Market in Louisville Kentucky until July of 2016 when he was appointed to his current role as Market Executive for Merrill Lynch in the Western Pennsylvania Market. Most recently, Brian was named Market President for Bank of America Western Pennsylvania in May of 2017. Brian’s past community interest have included serving on the Board of the Directors of The Path, a Florida Based Homeless Shelter and American Stage Theater Company. His interests also includes work with Metropolitan Ministries and Kaboom, an origination that builds playgrounds. He’s currently involved with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Phipps Conservatory. Today, he is with us to discuss the gig economy.
Bank of AmericaBank of America

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