September 22, 2017 – New Normal Dr. George H. Schofield, InfusionSoft Kim Sutton and Broken Heart Ava Kaufman

September 22, 2017 – New Normal Dr. George H. Schofield, InfusionSoft Kim Sutton and Broken Heart Ava Kaufman

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Dr. George H. Schofield – Speaker, Futurist and Author of How Do I Get There from Here?: Planning for Retirement When the Old Rules No Longer Apply

Dr. George H. Schofield is a former vice president of Bank of America and senior consultant at the multinational consulting firm, Right Management Consultants. His background also includes appointments as the President of the Advisory Council to the Commission on Aging and Adult Services for the City and County of San Francisco and Past President of the California State Association of Advisory Councils. He has been on the board of directors for nonprofits in California and Florida, and currently serves on the Board of WUSF Media, the PBS affiliate in Tampa. His has a PhD in Human and Organizational Development and is Founding Principal of The Clarity Group, LLC, a consultancy that helps businesses succeed. He has been an adjunct faculty member and an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee.

George SchofieldGeorge Schofield

Kim Sutton – Founder of Sutton Strategic Solutions and InfusionSoft Guru

Kim Sutton launched Sutton Creative Studios in 2010, and has been on the show several times. Her business services division has now branched out into its own business called Sutton Strategic Solutions, and their team has grown quickly! They propel small business success through the development of strategies and implementation of solutions, especially using Infusionsoft. She taught us before how she get 10,000 Twitter followers in 10 weeks and today teaches more about InfusionSoft. Kim recently started her own podcast call Positive Productivity.
Kim SuttonKim Sutton

Ava Kaufman – Founder and Executive Director at Ava’s Heart

Ava Kaufman has the heart of a 17 year old boy! Six years ago, she was a perfectly healthy businesswoman and mother, and in great shape. She had a simple rash that actually was a rare auto-immune disease. The disease she had is called Dermatomyositis, a connective-tissue disease that destroys muscles. For three months, she had visited the dermatologist complaining of itching on my fingers, back, eyelids and shins and she went from being a ‘super woman’ to needing a walker. Then she fell down, unconscious, was rushed to the hospital and within hours was put on life support. Ava left the hospital in four months in a wheelchair, her money embezzled by business partners, newly divorced and almost broke. Out of her transplant journey came Ava’s Heart. What started out as a promise to God has turned into an organization to help families and recipients on their personal transplant journeys. She began Ava’s Heart to help others.

Ava KaufmanAva Kaufman

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