September 7, 2021 – iCRYO Kyle Jones and Just One More Jeff Martinovich

September 7, 2021 – iCRYO Kyle Jones and Just One More Jeff Martinovich

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Kyle Jones – CEO and Founder of iCRYO Cryotherapy

iCRYO is in 12 states with locations 15 and 226 in development! 

Kyle Jones is the Co-Founder and COO of iCRYO Franchise Systems. As a former college athlete and professional bodybuilder, Kyle’s passion led him to open the iCRYO franchise, the first of which opened in Houston, Texas in 2015. Having just hit 150 sold territories recently makes them the fastest-growing cryotherapy business in the country. iCRYO’s Mission is to “Elevate the lifestyles of our team members & guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient Cryotherapy services while raising the bar in the health and wellness market”.

Jeff Martinovich – CEO at JAM Accelerator, LLC and Author of Just One More: The Wisdom of Bob Vukovich

We have pivotal points in our life and during our hardest
challenges, if we don’t stand up for what we believe is right,
what does it all really mean? 

Jeff Martinovich earned his B.S. in Business Management from the United States Air Force Academy and his MBA in Finance from The College of William and Mary.  He had the honor of serving his country during The First Gulf War at Tactical Air Command Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.  Pursuing a second career in financial services, Jeff was Founder and CEO  of MICG Investment Management, a billion dollar wealth management firm nationally recognized for its rapid growth, WoW service and A-Player culture.  Following the 2008 Financial Crisis, MICG’s proprietary hedge funds experienced regulatory scrutiny and allegations.  As CEO, Jeff vigorously defended his firm, refusing multiple settlement offers and instead choosing to defend his employees and himself in federal court.  In a bizarre narrative, Jeff was convicted and sentenced to 14-years in federal prison.  His case was reversed twice by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, two separate U.S. District Court Judges were removed, and his successful federal suit uncovered fraud and collusion holding him at a higher-security, violent prison.  In May 2020, after nearly 7 years, Jeff was released to home confinement and began his journey of rebuilding, restoring and turning disadvantages into advantages.