January 4, 2021 – Quit J—– O– Aaron Chapman and Human Vector Rod Robertson

January 4, 2021 – Quit J—– O– Aaron Chapman and Human Vector Rod Robertson

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Aaron Chapman – Owner at SecurityNational Mortgage Company

Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes
from bad judgement. 

Aaron Chapman is a 20-year veteran in the finance industry, a real estate expert, and Branch Manager at SecurityNational Mortgage Company. From pushing herds on a cattle ranch and laying pipe in oil fields, to drilling and blasting in the deep recesses of mines, Aaron has brought his life experiences to the world of finance where he has made thousands of personal connections. Since entering the finance industry, his clientele has ranged from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home, or investing in multiple properties for long term cash flow. Presently ranked #14 in an industry of over 300,000 licensed loan originators for transactions closed annually, Aaron is that battle-worn partner every real estate entrepreneur needs, to walk through the tough parts of building a real estate business. In addition to a career in real estate finance, Aaron is a published author with four books and dozens of magazine articles release. The third book of his QJO Initiative Series, Quit Jerkin Off, was released in 2020, and aims to increase awareness of what negative habit is stealing from you.

Rod Robertson – Founder and Managing Partner at Briggs Capital

Numbers are going to do the talking in 2021. It was passion
and humanity in 2020, but in 2021, numbers are going to talk
and the BS is going to walk. 

Roderick Robertson is the Founder and Managing Partner at Briggs Capital, a Boston-based international investment bank. He is also Partner of Briggs Management Partners, a turn-around and restructuring firm that advises companies on capital and debt structures, crisis management, and restructuring services. As a former owner of a business that he took out of receivership, repositioned, grew, and then sold after four years, Rod truly understands the peaks and valleys of business ownership like few other intermediaries. In his role at Briggs Capital, Rod has personally directed over fifty of the firm’s transactions in raising cash and leading buy-or-sell-side assignments for the firm’s clients. In his latest book, The Human Vector: Pivot To Profitability, Rod takes a scientific approach for maximizing employee performance by talking about a much-needed business management toolset, The Human Vector; a true antidote to strife and turmoil that has engulfed businesses worldwide but especially in America.