December 1, 2017 – Medical Insurance Solved Will Hall, Radical Self-Awareness Stephan Thieringer, Do a Day Bryan Falchuk

December 1, 2017 – Medical Insurance Solved Will Hall, Radical Self-Awareness Stephan Thieringer, Do a Day Bryan Falchuk

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Will Hall – CEO of HIPnation

Will Hall has an extensive record of success in the management in the healthcare field, and he has previously directed as many as 150 clinics across 10 states. Will offers a consistent history of driving double-digit revenue and profit growth while expanding market penetration by opening new facilities. He is on the show today to talk about HIPnation, the best SMB healthcare solution we have seen! HIPnation has designed a new and innovative outpatient healthcare delivery model called PrimaryCarePlus. They are building an economical healthcare delivery system providing employees of small to medium-sized companies access to high quality, personalized care at affordable cash-based rates. HIPnation is looking for business partners to help them best deliver this new model to employers interested in cost savings along with higher-quality healthcare for employees.

Stephan Thieringer – Business Thinker, Executive Coach, Personal Innovation Strategist, TEDx Speaker  and Adjunct Faculty 

Stephan Thieringer is a nationally renowned personal innovation strategist, business thinker, and ICF certified executive coach. A successful and serial entrepreneur, Stephan founded The Human Innovation Garage in 2013 to engage C-Suite Executives, Senior Business Leaders, and fast-growth organizations. He helps them to regain time and create essential relationships that will impact the bottom-line. Stephan has been featured in various business such as EduTech, Business Week, the Financial Express, the Hindu Times, NYT, Boston Globe, Times of India, and the WSJ. His work has earned him recognition including the World Education Award for “visionary leadership in impacting economic development,” and in 2013 he was asked to serve as an executive mentor for New York City’s EDC Venture fellows. Stephan teaches management and entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor and dedicates his personal time to several organizations including Catapult, MIT Launch and Street Soccer USA. He is a member of the editorial board of SSRE’s Science and Research Publication in India, a founding Executive Committee Member of the Open Educational Resources in Cancer Consortium (OERC), and a board member of Glocalize and Alex’s Team.
Stephan ThieringerStephan Thieringer

Bryan Falchuk – Insurance Executive, Leadership Expert and Author of Do a Day

Bryan Falchuk is a behavior change specialist, bestselling self-help author and C-level executive in the finance industry. He went from being obese and depressed to running marathons! He has a senior executive position in a successful business and is now a best-selling author and contributor to Inc Magazine. He’s transformed his life and helps others do the same in his best-selling book “Do a Day.” He is here today to share that philosophy with you. He has been coaching people on how to change their lives using a method he calls Do a Day. Using Do A Day, Bryan was able to break from judgment of past mistakes and fear of the future to live a life of consistent, unending health, wellness, and success and works to share with others seeking a happier, more complete existence.
Bryan FalchukBryan Falchuk

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