May 30, 2017 – Financial Advisor Hilary Hendershott and Crowded Ocean’s Carol Broadbent

May 30, 2017 – Financial Advisor Hilary Hendershott and Crowded Ocean’s Carol Broadbent

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Hilary Hendershott – Leading Financial Advisor for Women and Host at Profit Boss Radio

Hilary Hendershott is passionate about equipping women to make their money work for them. She accomplishes this through wealth and money mindset coaching as well as comprehensive wealth management services offered through Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management. She is also the host of Profit Boss Radio. Profit Boss Radio is a weekly podcast for women who want to create success in their financial life! You’re not alone in your journey to a rich life. Tune in to hear noteworthy, powerful and successful guests like Kimra Luna, Amanda Steinberg and Allison Maslan, as they get real about what’s been working for them and what can work for you, too. Hilary writes a regular column on DailyWorth’s Connect for Experts platform, and she is a regular contributor of nationally syndicated articles published by Investopedia, Bloomberg News, Morningstar, Women 2.0 and AdviceIQ. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News and NBC.

Carol Broadbent – Partner, Managing Director at Crowded Ocean and Author of The Ultimate Start-Up Guide: Marketing Lessons, War Stories, and Hard-Won Advice from Leading Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

Carol Broadbent and Tom Hogan founded Crowded Ocean, Silicon Valley’s top marketing firm for start-ups, in 2008. She was VP of Corporate Marketing at Bay Networks, the global leader in LAN hubs and switching technology for network infrastructure, SVP of Corporate Marketing at Aspect Communications, a CRM pioneer, and Director of Marketing at Sun Microsystems, the leader in workstations and network computing. In addition, she led marketing at two Kleiner Perkins-funded startups: vice president of marketing at Asera, and director of market development at GO Corporation. Carol also served as Marketing Strategist for Jackson Hole Group, a management consultancy serving technology clients like Citrix Systems. Carol served as virtual VP Marketing for a number of global public and early-stage companies such as IP Highway, Cad.Lab, NetFRAME, and Centigram.
Carol BroadbentCarol Broadbent

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