October 15, 2014 – HerTube TV’s Audrey Bell-Kearney & Brand Builder Barry Cohen

October 15, 2014 – HerTube TV’s Audrey Bell-Kearney & Brand Builder Barry Cohen

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Audrey Bell-Kearney – Founder of HerTube TV

Audrey Bell-Kearney is the founder and CEO of Ms. Boss International and HerTube TV.  Ms. Boss International helps others learn how to turn their passions and hobbies into businesses through effective marketing strategies and knowledge of cutting edge technology. Audrey is passionate about entrepreneurship, having started her own first business in 1999 when she realized she wanted to create a better life for her daughter. From launching her own line of toy dolls to opening her own newspaper targeted at women in business, Audrey has years of experience developing her own businesses and helping others do the same.


Barry Cohen – Owner of AdLab Media

Barry Cohen is the Owner of AdLab Media which focuses on development of emerging brand of natural consumer products. AdLab utilizes its own in-house capabilities and couples those with its developed networks to develop everything from market research and analysis to media planning and product portfolio creation. Barry has over 35 years experience in the advertising world and has designed and implemented numerous successful campaigns. He speaks at trade shows and conferences across the country, contributes to a guest column for a media trade publication, and is author of 10 Ways To Screw Up An Ad Campaign: And How to Create Ones That Work.

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