June 1, 2021 – Growing Value David Cusimano and Sustainable Eco Store Gurwin Ahuja

June 1, 2021 – Growing Value David Cusimano and Sustainable Eco Store Gurwin Ahuja

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David Cusimano – Principle at Emerge Technologies 

The biggest obstacle to value is when the founder becomes
the hub that everything revolves around. 

David Cusimano has been working for over fifteen years with small and middle-market private companies in capacities ranging from entrepreneur to middle-market investment banker and M&A advisor. He has led numerous strategic planning, M&A valuation, financial analysis, and CFO engagements. After beginning his career as an aeronautical engineer for Lockheed Martin, he made a transition to business by founding a flight training company and an air charter company. In addition to business consulting at Emerge Dynamics, David facilitates the financial modules of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, has taught economics courses at both Tulane University and Delgado Community College, and a Mergers and Acquisitions course at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.

Gurwin Singh Ahuja – Founder of Salvos Sustainable Eco Store 

Before the internet when you would market, you would just hope
and pray that it works, and maybe see results in 3 months. With
Google and Facebook, you know if things are working within a week. 

Gurwin Ahuja is the founder and CEO of Salvos, the eco everything store and a Strategic Communications Director at the Glover Park Group. Gurwin previously served as an advisor in the Obama White House, the National Field Coordinator for President Obama’s re-election campaign, and a Political Fellow on the Biden for President campaign. He is also the founder of the Know Your Neighbor Coalition, a coalition of leading civil rights organizations backed by the Obama White House and focused on fostering a national dialogue on the country’s growing religious diversity and the We Are Sikhs campaign, which helps the broader public understand the values and contributions of Sikh Americans.  Gurwin’s civil rights work has been awarded the highest honors in the marketing and PR field. He has won a PR Week Award, several Shorty Awards, and a pair of Webby Awards.