June 25, 2021 – NLP Mind Coach Craig Siegel and Photography Biz Guru Annemie Tonken

June 25, 2021 – NLP Mind Coach Craig Siegel and Photography Biz Guru Annemie Tonken

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Craig Siegel – Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host of The CLS Experience

Craig Siegel is a Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Breakthrough Manufacturer and the Host of the record-breaking podcast, The CLS Experience, as featured in Entrepreneur, MSN and Yahoo Finance. When the pandemic happened, Craig went all in with his passion and purpose to help people revamp their mindset, alter their perspective, and fulfill their potential. He combined that with his Entrepreneurial spirit and he began what the world would now know as CLS, a multi 7-figure juggernaut and movement that has resonated all across the globe.

Annemie Tonken – Family Photographer for Megapixie Photography, Co-Founder of The Family Narrative Conference, and Podcaster at This Can’t Be That Hard

Annemie Tonken has been a professional photographer for over a decade, but it’s the outside-the-box systems and strategies she teaches to creative business owners that is so exciting. She’s best known for the automated sales process she created that made it possible for her to fully support her family as a single mom after her divorce. She also developed and marketed a portrait membership concept that has created predictable income every month in an industry plagued by instability. She addresses the art and psychology of pricing and selling, clarifying your messaging to find and connect with your ideal clients, and creating a seamless client experience. Annemie is both a small business expert, a successful entrepreneur (twice over!), and her topics can be applied to many fields.  In her own podcast, her goal is to bring value to her listeners in every podcast.