December 17, 2013 – Very Green Maria Onesto Moran & Very Connected Janine Just

December 17, 2013 – Very Green Maria Onesto Moran & Very Connected Janine Just

Female Entrepreneur Week!

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Maria Onesto Moran – Founder and Queen Bee at Green Home Experts

Maria Onesto Moran is the Queen Bee at Green Home Experts. Green Home Experts is the one of first of its kind in the US, and certainly the first in the Midwest. Green Home Experts is a retail store that provides eco-friendly solutions for every day living. Their offerings are divided into three categories: Build Green (eco-friendly building supplies), Live Green (effective, safe and affordable products that are healthy for your home and the planet) and the Garden Center (an extensive supply of organic, natural and non-toxic garden supplies and an array of locally and sustainably grown annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables). Maria is married to her high school sweetheart, with two eco-fabulous sons and two pitbulls. Her green building took root with a marketing and fundraising job for Lakefront Supportive Housing, now known as Mercy Housing Lakefront. She now is an industry leader and speaks around the US on green retail.

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Janine Just – Chief Connectologist at Janine Just, Inc.

Janine Just is the Chief Connectologist of her eponymous PR startup firm, Janine Just, Inc.  She uses her vast network to help her clients grow their businesses. Prior to building her own business, Janine co-founded and acted as managing partner at The Blaq Group, a boutique consulting firm focusing on local restaurants, bars and venues. Her first years in the industry were with East Coast Saloons, where she rose to the rank of Regional Director of Marketing. Throughout her career, Janine has championed countless campaigns for clients including Citigroup, Vapiano, and Macbar. She’s also responsible for a spate of memorable events including Blogger’s Night Out and the Foursquare Battle for Mayorship of Delicatessen with Baratunde Thurston.


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