December 18, 2019 – Christmas Show – Grandy’s Jennifer Rhodes, Medical Parenting Dr. Jacqueline Jones and Food Safety Suzanne Livingston

December 18, 2019 – Christmas Show – Grandy’s Jennifer Rhodes, Medical Parenting Dr. Jacqueline Jones and Food Safety Suzanne Livingston

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Jennifer Rhodes – CEO & Co-Founder of Grandy

Jennifer Rhodes was in search of an easy way to keep her children and parents connected, but she needed something easy for mom to use, a digital platform that specialized in onboarding older adults and that her kids were also motivated to use. With these goals in mind, Grandy was born. With her Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communications from University of California at Berkeley, Jennifer translates her expertise in business, technology, intellectual property and development to the world of nurturing grandparent/grandchild relationships. Founded in San Francisco in 2019 by entrepreneur mothers Jennifer Rhodes and Rotem Skurnik, Grandy is a subscription service designed to build and enhance relationships between children and their grandparents.  For parents wanting to keep family bonds intact in the face of geographical distance and increasing work-life demands, Grandy is a solution that works seamlessly on computers, tablets and mobile devices to ensure that family members can keep in touch anywhere and anytime.  Grandy provides an easy, safe and private platform that features engaging, structured and incentivized interactions intended specifically to enhance these special family relationships.

Dr. Jacqueline Jones – Author of Medical Parenting: How to Navigate Health, Wellness & the Medical System with Your Child

Dr. Jacqueline Jones trained as a physician at Cornell Medical College as well as completing her surgical training at University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School. She is listed as one of America’s Top doctors and is an Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.  She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at Weill Cornell Medical College. Among her many professional awards are the Compassionate Physician Award, Yelp Patient Satisfaction Award, Best Doctors in America, Top 100 Black Doctors in America, Talk of the Town Award,  Who’s Who in America, and Castle and Connolly “America’s Top Doctors.” She is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. She currently resides in New York City. Medical Parenting walks parents through a myriad of scenarios involving children’s health, from choosing that first pediatrician to chronic illness and surgery to nutrition and binge drinking in teenagers, so parents feel confident in their decisions and learn self-care along the way.

Suzanne Livingston – Director of the IBM Food Trust Network

Suzanne Livingston is the Director of the IBM Food Trust Network, where she brings transparency, accountability, and traceability to the food supply chain using blockchain. Prior to blockchain, Suzanne launched and scaled new offerings for IBM, including social software, cloud collaboration, and the fintech platform for developers. Suzanne leads product management organizations with a collaborative, inclusive approach having been on the front lines of product management, engineering, and user experience. Suzanne founded the MIT Product Management Club, was a Product Management 101 & 102 Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School. IBM launched Food Trust in August 2017 exploring the use of blockchain in food traceability and building out modules that specifically address a number of these issues. Food Trust connects the diverse food ecosystem, enabling increased efficiency, automated supply chain visibility, and strengthened consumer relationships from farm to store.