February 3, 2016 – Get Things Done Chris Cooper, PLEENQ’s Justin Mealey & Entre Health Travis Dillard

February 3, 2016 – Get Things Done Chris Cooper, PLEENQ’s Justin Mealey & Entre Health Travis Dillard

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Chris Cooper – Business Elevation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Broadcaster, Author of The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)

Chris Cooper is a Business Elevation expert who helps leaders to elevate their business, their people and themselves. He is as an executive mentor and coach, facilitator, consultant, broadcaster and keynote business speaker. His clients include start ups to major brands. Chris hosts an on-line radio show for entrepreneurs and leaders. ‘The Business Elevation Show’ is accessed from over 50 countries and he speaks at events and conferences on ‘Engagement Starts With You.’  He is a Fellow and past Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association and he is certified to use Talent Dynamics, Wealth Dynamics, Cultural Transformation Tools, Paveway, is a Master Practioner of NLP, a Master Coach, trained trainer, and speaker.
chris cooperChris Cooper

Justin Mealey – CEO of PLEENQ

Justin Mealey helps entrepreneurs make money from pictures on their websites. PLEENQ is a plugin that you install on your website which converts static images into hoverable, interactive content. Users can click on any of the items within the images to be taken to where they can buy them. You can also use these links as content for your site, linking to Wikipedia, IMDB, etc. When a user clicks on a PLEENQ image that represents a purchasable product, they’re redirected using an affiliate link. Each company they work with has a different commissioning structure for how much money you can make, but typically they are seeing a 2-4% conversion rate (purchases) from clicks, and a 2% CTR (click-through rate). His goal is to create an environment where purchases occur because a user is finding the service more efficiently than the current paths to find what they’re interested in purchasing.
Justin MealeyJustin MealeyJustin Mealey


Travis Dillard – Body Transformation Specialist for Busy Business 

Travis helps entrepreneurs and busy guys better their bodies, gain more energy and increase focus without all the pressure and noise in life. He assures business owners don’t loose track of their health, something that is all too common in our new age of sit and work. Travis coaches some very big names in the tech, start up, online and offline world. Businesses depend on your mental clarity, your energy and your ability to make clear and logical decisions on the fly. We all have a superpower to deliver to the world and your body is the only channel you have to deliver your offering. “Focus on your health so you can enjoy your wealth”
Travis Dillard