May 25, 2015 – Barely Manage Geoff Wilson & Gatorade Killer Marc Brodeur

May 25, 2015 – Barely Manage Geoff Wilson & Gatorade Killer Marc Brodeur

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Geoff Wilson – President & Founder of 352 Inc., Serial Entrepreneur and Author of

Geoff is President and Founder of 352 Inc., a digital product development agency. He started it 15+ years ago out of his dorm room at the University of Florida. 352 Inc. now employees 85-people and creates complex websites, software and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from start-ups to prominent brands like Microsoft and Wells Fargo. 352 has offices in Atlanta, Tampa and Gainesville. He aso has owned 3 Ben and Jerry’s franchises. He is passionate about growing businesses and coaching entrepreneurs and runs a website called Barely Manage that shares his unique management philosophy. It’s a new approach to project management which dramatically increases innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Geoff WilsonGeoff WilsonGeoff Wilson

Marc Brodeur – Founder of Brode Electrolyte Vitamin

Marc is the founder of Brode Electrolyte Vitamin. It is ike Gatorade or Pedialyte, but in pill form. Just add it to any liquid and get the electrolytes that you need. The ultra-portable product is packed into a smart, poppable tablet form, that you can take with any drink, any time. Marc Brodeur is a former NYU baseball player and ultra-busy double-major who was tired of letting dehydration slow him down, and he thinks Brode serves as the ultimate solution to a packed schedule. Formulated with a medically calibrated combination of five essential electrolytes, Brode will change the way you think about hydration. It gives you the electrolytes you need, without the sugary, candy-colored sports drink, and makes it easy to control and maintain your hydration. It was even listed at #3 in BuzzFeeds 17 Cool New Startups That Will Change Your Life!
Marc BrodeurMarc Brodeur

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