February 13, 2014 – IRAs for Funding Gary Kowalski, Eva NYC Intrapreneurship & Marriage Saver Gerald Rogers

February 13, 2014 – IRAs for Funding Gary Kowalski, Eva NYC Intrapreneurship & Marriage Saver Gerald Rogers

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Gary Kowalski – Director of Sales at The Entrust Group and a Self-Directed IRA Administrator – Highlight Here

Gary Kowalski wrote me an email out of the blue asking if I knew the possible entrepreneurial benefits of the IRA savings plans. I had to admit that I did not, meaning Gary was the perfect show guest. I can learn along with audience, the perfect situation. Gary has an extensive career in managing IRA plans for others and will explain how entrepreneurs can use it there IRA accounts and even the accounts of others to finance their businesses. Great stuff, thanks for reaching out!

Rebecca Klausman – Business Development Account Executive at Eva NYC – Highlight Here

Rebecca Klausman is with us today to talk about being an intrapreneur. She works on a small team with big power to drive the brand Eva-NYC. With revenues similar to a small business, and the small size team, she really is a small business person in a big organization. Eva NYC is spreading style beyond New York City. Eva NYC is a line of professional tools and haircare, something we all know I know nothing about! They take their inspiration from the runways and produce salon-quality results. The brand  is a collection of tools and haircare that fills the void as the affordable line of professional products. Very interesting insights from Rebecca! See more about some of their products here…


Gerald Rogers – Motivational Speaker and Author – Highlight Here

Gerald Rogers is a motivational speaker from Utah, and the day his divorce became final, he wrote down his tips for men on how to save a marriage. The list included being silly and an ‘epic lover’, never being lazy and to stop worrying about money. Gerald has events called Live Big, with each person deciding what living big means to them. Check out the Facebook post here called “advice I wish I would have had.” Its received over 129,000 shares and 21,000 likes!

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