October 26, 2015 – Franchise Marketing Matthew Jonas & Tech Trep Matt Bowman

October 26, 2015 – Franchise Marketing Matthew Jonas & Tech Trep Matt Bowman

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Matthew Jonas – President at TopFire Media, Public Relations, and Franchise Development 

Matthew Jonas is a Franchise Digital Marketing Strategist with broad experience in all aspects of franchise PR. TopFire Media is a Digital Media firm helping franchisors and businesses engage in new media marketing. They leverage the internet for you to get noticed, add value, generate leads, position you as an industry expert, attract customers and increase revenues. The firm won the 2014 Ace “New Agency” Award, was a Digital PR Award Finalist and Honorable Mention for a Media Relations Campaign from PR NEWS and was a  Digital PR Award Finalist and Honorable Mention for Best Website from PR NEWS. He shares his insights on franchies and marketing.
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Matt Bowman – Founder CEO of MyTechHigh.com and TechTrep

Matt Bowman was a sixth grade teacher and he fell in love with teaching middle school students. During the mid-90’s, Matt received a technology grant for online education. He was charged with bringing this “new thing” called the Internet into the classroom. Students of all different ages were totally engaged in learning, were free to work at their own personalized pace and could share work with other students around the world. Stepping out of his teaching role in classroom, Matt then took a related position in private industry. Matt developed online learning programs for Fortune 500 customers and their partner channel. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he has launched dozens of his own start-up companies, and even sold one to Donald Trump! Matt is passionate about three worlds – Education, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. In 2008, he began searching for a way to bring those different worlds all together. Matt was driven by a desire to create an online public school program for kids that would teach both high-tech skills and entrepreneurship principles. My Tech High was born.

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