August 31, 2020 – Flat Fees & Sushi John Stoj and Budgeted Lawyer Johnny K. Merritt

August 31, 2020 – Flat Fees & Sushi John Stoj and Budgeted Lawyer Johnny K. Merritt

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John Stoj – Financial Planner and Founder of Verbatim Financial

There is a small but growing cadre of investment advisors who will work for a flat fee. I see that as the only way you can do things right for your client. 

John Stoj is likely the only financial advisor you’ve ever met who’s managed over $3 billion in bonds and a sushi kitchen! John’s career in finance began on Wall Street nearly 25 years ago, and took him from banks to money management to hedge funds before he landed at a sushi kitchen. His experience taught him that the financial services industry is full of people interested more in getting what they can from their clients than in serving them, and with that in mind, he founded Verbatim Financial. John is on a mission to redefine the way that financial advisors operate, and to help ordinary people find advisors who have their best interests in mind. John believes sincerely that done well and delivered fairly, good financial advice is more valuable than its cost and worth buying, and he himself is a proud provider of it. Verbatim exists to give honest advice, without the conflicts of interest and high costs that come with commissioned sales, or the burdensome fees generated when based on a percentage of clients’ assets.

Johnny Merritt – Equity Partner of Hajjar Peters and Board Member at Keystone Bank

Our idea is to make legal services affordable, so you can budget for them. 

Johnny K. Merritt is an experienced Texas attorney with over three decades of understanding in complex corporate and real estate matters. He joined Hajjar Peters as a Partner in January, 2017, after expanding his law practice to Austin in 2015. Merritt started his legal career as a litigation attorney, where he learned valuable skills including laser-focused attention to detail and effective communication with his clients. In addition to his legal work, Merritt is also a founder and board member of Keystone Bank, an Austin-based community bank obsessed with delivering the latest in banking technology and first-class customer service. Johnny believes that the way the law is currently practiced needs a radical shift. He believes that by emphasizing relationships over monetary gains, he can shift the paradigm so legal professionals can once again be seen as trusted advisers for businesses, rather than necessary evils. Johnny also serves as an ambassador of The Bless Foundation, a faith-based organization mobilizing people and resources to reach the unreached throughout the world.