September 30, 2019 – Fivetran George Fraser and Customer Connections Jim Karrh

September 30, 2019 – Fivetran George Fraser and Customer Connections Jim Karrh

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George Fraser – CEO and Co-founder of Fivetran – Building a Great Dashboard

The tricky thing is you can’t ask people what they think you
should build, because they will always describe the world as
it already exists. When you talk to users, you want to listen
to them, but you don’t always want to do what they say.

George Fraser, is the CEO and co-founder of big-data analytics company, Fivetran. Fivetran is a Y Combinator-backed company with more than 170 employees and 700 customers relying on it to centralize their data. When Fivetran began in 2012, they realized that many business tools were ill-equipped cloud applications and databases. To meet the needs of analysts in this new era, Fivetran built the only zero-maintenance data pipeline on the market and is now part of a growing ecosystem of cloud infrastructure that gives organizations control of their data without heavy engineering. George has a PhD in Neurobiology and was previously a scientist at a biotechnology company before founding Fivetran.

Jim Karrh – Marketing Expert and Author of The Science of Customer Connections: Manage Your Message to Grow Your Busines

The parts of our brain that get stimulated by sex or great food
or some drugs are the same parts of the brain that get activated
when we talk about ourselves. In short, it feels good. So we’re
more inclined to talk about ourselves, our passions, our stuff.

Jim Karrh is an engaging and popular speaker; he’s spoken at The CMO Summit, Packaging That Sells, UB Tech, the Professional Convention Management Association, the Jim Beam Global Economic Summit, Euronet USA, and the Arkansas Executive Summit. He has served as faculty at three institutions of higher learning, and has published research in advertising in several peer-reviewed journals. He also launched a podcast, The Manage Your Message Podcast, which offers weekly insights from the experts and the doers, including CEOs, sales leaders, authors, fundraisers, editors, deans, consultants, researchers, and high-level negotiators. Jim is the author of The Science of Customer Connections, where he offers simple concepts plus practical guidance for individual professionals, teams, and complex organizations to be part of conversations in ways that grow their business. Readers will be equipped to engage customers and employees, build trustworthiness, and grow profitably without having to change their business model, offerings, pricing, distribution, or people. Instead, they can quickly elevate the way that everyone close to the business talks about it, consistently resulting in stronger cross-selling and upselling of additional products and services, higher customer satisfaction, and more consistent employee engagement.