March 16, 2018 – Finding Fake News Mark Galvin, Entrepreneur Divorce Sally Boyle and Content Content Liz Theresa

March 16, 2018 – Finding Fake News Mark Galvin, Entrepreneur Divorce Sally Boyle and Content Content Liz Theresa

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Mark Galvin – CEO, Founder of ePresence, ePublicist, Profile Writer, LinkedIn SEO, Consultant, Speaker, Travel Consultant

Mark Galvin is a CEO and Founder of ePresence, LLC. He is a personal social media expert with 30 years of business management and hotel industry experience. Mark specializes in blending technology, marketing, networking and social branding. Over the course of his hospitality career, he focused on developing leaders, sales people, and strategic visions. Mark is frequently called on as a commentator on key issues. He serves as the social media expert for WSB’s “Lenz on Business” radio show and has also been a guest on numerous podcasts. He hosts “How’s Your ePresence?” on BusinessRadioX where he offers thoughts on trending topics in social media. Mark also speaks extensively on the role of social media in today’s political environment. He is committed to keeping the internet safe for younger users and speaks to the parent regarding social media use among teens.
Mark GalvinMark Galvin

Sally Boyle – Principal Adviser of SJ Boyle Wealth Planning, LLC and Author of Deconstructing Divorce: Taking the Mystery out of Divorce and Its Impact on Your Family, Finances, and Future

Sally Boyle is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who has provided financial planning and business advice for over 30 years. She is Principal of SJ Boyle Wealth Planning LLC in Hanover, New Hampshire. Sally had her own difficult and unexpected divorce, and she committed her life’s work to helping others in similar situations. SJ Boyle Wealth Planning, LLC work as a personal financial advisor to families and helps them coordinate every aspect of their financial affairs including their educational, investment, retirement, and estate planning. As a Registered Investment Advisor, they work in a fiduciary capacity serving their clients’ best interests first.
Sally BoyleSally Boyle

Liz Theresa – Online Business Expert, Web Designer, and Host of the Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa Podcast

Liz Theresa is an Online Business Expert. She is a lover of entrepreneurs. Liz’s mission is to make her clients proud of their businesses. Liz takes them from “Concept” to “Creation.” She is the founder of Concept to Creation, her flagship program in which she blends her role as both a strategist and designer or developer for her clients. The end goal of the Concept and Creation program is to help her clients bring their ideas to life online in the form of a website. Liz was recently a featured woman business owner in WE USA and has also been credited in Business News Daily and CEO Blog Nation. She published an article, “How to get Divorced and not want to Die,” in Elephant Journal.
Liz TheresaLiz Theresa

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