February 19, 2024 – Federal Contracting Jason White and Anti-Marketing Tiago Faria

February 19, 2024 – Federal Contracting Jason White and Anti-Marketing Tiago Faria

Jason White – Federal Contracts Expert and Author of The Unconventional Path to Success: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Empire with Self-Education

Most people get into a business and they want to make $1,000,000
in their first month or their first year. That is the dumbest thing I’ve
ever heard in my life! The goal should be bringing in consistent
money over a long period of time.

Jason White

Jason White uses passion, charisma, and people skills to succeed in business and in his personal life. He is someone who struggled through his youth and turned it around with little more than motivation. Keeping his persona intact, he found being real in the world to be the key to success. Most importantly, he knows how to help others achieve their highest goals. Today, Jason shares that knowledge with anyone looking to learn. From humble roots with nothing more than a public high school diploma (his Ph.D.), Jason’s initial direction was lacking. He made his way into the Coast Guard, serving for a decade, only leaving to find himself in “menial” jobs. When a good friend brought him in on a federal government contract, Jason’s interest piqued. In 2008, he began The Federal Code with only one experience working for a contractor and hours invested in YouTube and internet studies about the contracting arena. It took three years of struggling, a complete lack of guidance, and sorting the truth from the lies to jumpstart his company. But once he discovered the secret, his profit boomed. So, what is Jason’s secret? Communication. Active listening. Rapport-building. Evidently, being himself — fun-loving, joyful, and passionate about living life to its fullest — is what secured Jason’s first contract in 2011. Since then, the Federal government has awarded him more than 250 contracts. As of 2022, his enterprise has over 40 active contracts, 30-plus of which are 5-year investments. For every contract, he forms the perfect connection, establishes a relationship, and fulfills the agreement. Being himself keeps Jason in business, and it now guides others to find their industry success. In teaching people to excel as federal contractors, Jason breaks seemingly complex systems into easy-to-follow steps. In fact, his top ability as a teacher is simplifying complicated processes and language for anyone to grasp and use. In doing so, everyone can learn the essence of growth: building relationships with the right people to close the deal. Testimonies from his students rave about the gains of their individual LLCs, including achievements of immediate contract work, security of million-dollar-plus contracts, and entrance into an elite business circle. Though his background has a wide range within federal contracting, his future is filled with even greater opportunities to motivate anyone to achieve anything to which they set their mind. He firmly believes in the notion of “winners don’t quit,” and he does not quit on his students. Throughout his career, Jason has educated people from all career paths and education levels to achieve the same success he has. On a foundational level, he enables students to seek the best fitting hustle for their skill sets. He reminds them to rely on common sense: using good communication and active listening to build powerful relationships. Ultimately, Jason White is a doer. He is a motivator. He is the key that unlocks top-notch education, guidance, and support in writing your own success story.

Tiago Faria – Anti-Marketing Expert

When you actually start taking action you will see that you have skills
that you don’t know that you have, you can’t improve a skill that you
have, and we can just become better at doing what we are working on.
Those fears start going away because you are in motion! Then you can
look back and say I did all of this!

Tiago Faria

Tiago Faria is a business mentor in the “Help Industry” with a unique “Anti-Marketing” approach. After working at the EU headquarters of Google for 8 years, he’s been simplifying marketing and business to its core and truly believes that you already have everything you need in your world to grow a sustainable and fun business. Tiago Faria is known for his expertise in helping entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses using enduring digital marketing strategies. His journey began in 2018 when he set out to write 90 blog articles in 90 consecutive days, drawing from his eight years of experience at Google’s European headquarters. In June 2019, he embarked on a new venture with his podcast, “O Podcast do Tiago Faria,” where he delved into the habits and principles that drive success for both national and international entrepreneurs and experts. The podcast proved to be a catalyst for numerous opportunities, enabling Tiago to connect with respected figures in the industry and build confidence in front of the camera. Transitioning to YouTube in early 2020, he has since produced over 200 videos, a feat accomplished during a 120-day challenge. Tiago’s content across his blog, podcast, and YouTube channel is enriched by his extensive experiences and skills honed during his tenure at Google. Having undergone rigorous internal training, engaged with CEOs and Marketing Directors of major European and Middle Eastern companies, and invested in valuable courses and marketing literature, Tiago has cultivated insights into what truly drives success in any business. This knowledge, which he emphasizes cannot be solely attained through traditional means of learning, forms the foundation of his work. Tiago’s ultimate goal is to be the most supportive marketing specialist in Portugal, as evidenced by his willingness to engage with his audience and provide assistance wherever needed.