February 28, 2014 – College Doesn’t Teach Alexandra Levit & Teaching Kids Gail Haynes

February 28, 2014 – College Doesn’t Teach Alexandra Levit & Teaching Kids Gail Haynes

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Alexandra Levit – Business and Workplace Speaker and Consultant and Author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College – Highlight Here

Alexandra Levit is author of one of the most used business books around. Her They Don’t Teach Corporate in College is used by colleges around the country now! It is great info for the twenty something about how to act appropraitely in the corporate world. Alexandra writes for the New York Times, has authored several others books, including the bestselling How’d You Score That Gig?, and is a frequent national media spokesperson. She has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, Forbes, NPR, CNN, ABC News, the AP, and Glamour. Money Magazine’s Online Career named her Expert of the Year and her alma mater gave her their prestigious Emerging Leader Award.

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Gail Haynes – Author of The Lemonade Stand Millionaire – Highlight Here

Gail Haynes started her first business when she was just a young teen, but she will admit, she did not learn the financial skills she need until decades later. Suddenly a single mom, she realized her daughters were missing the same skills. So she set about getting P&L savvy to run her horse ranch business and to help her daughters. The result was her book The Lemonade Stand Millionaire which will teach parents to raise fiscally aware and prepared kids. Learn all the tricks and tools this single mom used to raise two smart business ladies while growing her own empire!


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