December 20, 2021 – Fat Stacks Jon Dykstra and BevCanna Marcello Leone

December 20, 2021 – Fat Stacks Jon Dykstra and BevCanna Marcello Leone

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Jon Dykstra – CEO of Fat Stacks, Business Owner, Publisher, and Passive Income Expert

For content publishing and SEO, using custom illustrations
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Jon Dykstra is the CEO of Fat Stacks, which is a blog and brand that teaches how to start and grow passive income websites. Jon owns a large portfolio of passive income content websites across several sectors that earn 6-figures per month by publishing evergreen content and earning revenue passively from display ads. Fat Stacks is where he talks and writes about growing a fun passive income website portfolio. Jon has been operating his successful passive income business for 10 years and is simultaneously sharing his wisdom with others, assisting them to start a business of their own. Jon knows first-hand the hard work and the dedication involved in starting a business from scratch and is passionate about sharing his strategies on growing a passive income website, SEO tips and tricks, and content marketing. Jon also regularly hosts his own inspiring podcast, Fat Stacks Blog, where he discusses building a digital publishing business and launching and growing digital assets; you can check out his podcast here.

Marcello Leone – CEO BevCanna Enterprises

BevCanna is a diversifies health and wellness company that
specializes in plant based functional beverages and
CBD infused beverages.

Marcello is the founder and CEO BevCanna Enterprises Inc. A leader in the cannabis beverage sector, BevCanna owns and operates one of the highest- capacity cannabis beverage processing and manufacturing facilities. BevCanna offers a wide variety of beverage product formats including PET, aluminum, and glass form factors, available in multiple sizes and custom shapes. Mr. Leone also founded Naturo Group Investments Inc. and the TRACE brand of natural beverages and nutraceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of BevCanna.