January 6, 2016 – Facebook Ad Guru Vincent Nguyen & BINK Rick Martinez

January 6, 2016 – Facebook Ad Guru Vincent Nguyen & BINK Rick Martinez

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Vincent Nguyen – Facebook Ads Lead Generator and Founder of the Self Stairway

Vincent Nguyen is a Facebook ad expert and author of Self Stairway. His company Growth Ninja will handle everything from Facebook ad and landing page creation to split-testing and audience targeting. Growth Ninja is a Lead Generation service that manages all aspects of lead generation and it offers performance-based pricing, so you only pay for what you get. He has written for several popular personal development blogs such as Tiny Buddha, Marc and Angel Hack Life, Dumb Little Man, Addicted2Success, Primer Magazine, and more. His Self Stairway website has content without the sugarcoating, no beating around the bush, and no telling you to “just be optimistic.” He believes in offering only practicality, truth, and a swift ass-kicking to motivate you.
Vincent NguyenVincent NguyenVincent Nguyen

Rick Martinez – Founder and CEO at Life Pivot & BizAcademyOnline and Author of The Power of BINK

Rick Martinez helps hungry entrepreneurs to be “freakin’ awesome” so that they can make more money and live the life of their dreams. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur that teaches entrepreneurs, freelancers, dreamers and hustlers how to make a living doing what they love. He started out as a hard working registered Army nurse then transitioned into the business world in late 2000. Since then he has written a fantastic book, invested and advised start ups (and even Hollywood movies). Rick has built companies in multiple industries (both product and service based, CrossFit gyms, media, information marketing) that have made well into the 8 figures and sold some for 7 figures. He is very active at Entrepreneurs’ Organization and has won San Antonio’s “40 Under 40” award and The Jefferson Award for Public Service.
Rick MartinezRick Martinez

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