August 22, 2016 – Mystro’s Rostam Zafari & EnvestPro’s John Weakley

August 22, 2016 – Mystro’s Rostam Zafari & EnvestPro’s John Weakley

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Rostam Zafari – Entrepreneur in Residence at The New School and Co-Founder of Mystro

Rostam Zafari is in college at Emory University and he has also helped kickstart two separate startups, one of which was REDS, a fast medical screen test for Ebola. After working on REDS, he continued with his entrepreneurial quest and launched his latest startup, Mystro, a mentoring app. Rostam was awarded the 2015 Cyrus Prize. Mystro is a platform that connects high-achieving college students with local middle and high school students for tutoring in standardized testing.
Rostam ZafariRostam Zafari

John Weakley – Forbes 30 Under 30 Advisory Committee President and Founder of EnvestPro

John Weakley founded Envestpro, an investment-screening company. As the first of its’ kind, the company is a cost-effective solution to managing the headaches of due-diligence. He is also working to grow the Forbes 30 Under 30 brand, and give insights and direction in partnership with the committee.
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