November 18, 2015 – Boardroom Elephant Edgar Papke & Medical Marketer Katie Jones

November 18, 2015 – Boardroom Elephant Edgar Papke & Medical Marketer Katie Jones

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Edgar Papke – Author of The Elephant in the Boardroom: How Leaders Use and Manage Conflict to Reach Greater Levels of SuccessExecutive Coach and Award-winning Speaker

Edgar Papke is a leadership guru and teacher of the human art of business. He coaches and consults with leaders and their teams in a wide range of industries and institutions. Edgar is a globally recognized, award-winning speaker and author known for his authenticity and innovative approach. He is the author of “True Alignment: Linking Company Culture to Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results,” and has written extensively about conflict management and resolution. He has degrees in organizational psychology, international business administration, and the culinary arts. In a survey of more than 4,000 CEOs, executives, and managers, more than 90 percent admitted they were uncomfortable confronting or engaging in conflict. Yet leaders must realize that every conflict presents an opportunity to reach higher levels of performance. In “The Elephant in the Boardroom,” award-winning leadership psychologist Edgar explores the unique and challenging relationship that leaders have with conflict, and offers the know-how needed to use conflict as the engine of innovation and creativity. As a result, you will learn how to act courageously and be better equipped to lead and win in today’s complex and turbulent world.
Edgar PapkeEdgar PapkeEdgar Papke

Katie Jones – Medical Marketing Expert and Owner of Careminders of Buckhead and Beverly Parent Advocates 

Katie has spent her entire career in the healthcare industry where she has seen that the power of excellence and quality in products, service, and care can make a significant difference in the lives of families. The first 20 years of her career were spent with Pfizer, Inc. where she had the opportunity to work in leading high performing and strongly engaged teams that produced exceptional results. By working in executive leadership with a large, visible corporation, Katie was given the privilege to affect the lives and families of many hundreds of people which made what she did every day very meaningful to me. Katie left Pfizer to start her own transitional care company because she wanted to have even greater personal impact on others. Having dealt with health issues with her parents living hours away from her, she realized that the transitional care industry is in great need of high integrity and professional care companies. In building CareMinders Home Care in Buckhead and Beverly Parent Advocates, she had the honor of putting her skills in marketing, strategy, operations, P&L management, and leadership to work alongside her passion for quality, professional caregiving.
Katie JonesKatie JonesKatie Jones

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