March 26, 2021 – eCommerce Expert Irene Moore and Living Every Minute Tim Reynolds

March 26, 2021 – eCommerce Expert Irene Moore and Living Every Minute Tim Reynolds

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Irene Moore – Co-founder of Digital Marketing London

Go Micro! Its better to partner with influencers around the 10k
(number of followers) as typically they have a super engaged audience.

Irene Moore is a digital communications and consumer behaviour expert who helps e-commerce brands drive sales online. She co-founded Digital Marketing London (DM London) a specialist online marketing consultancy to the beauty, wellness and luxury sector five years ago. She quickly grew the agency through delivering digital marketing campaigns for global brands, such as L’Oréal, NYX Cosmetics, Cantu Beauty & Dior. With a background in PR and marketing psychology, Irene’s always been fascinated by what makes a powerful brand and credits her own business success to helping her clients better understand the ever changing shifts in customer behaviour online in order to create more effective ads, campaigns and promotions. Irene has spoken on stages for the likes of Enterprise Nation, General Assembly, Soho House, Instagram and Virgin Startup on the power of visibility, female entrepreneurship and online marketing trends. She is also a passionate start-up mentor whose straight talking ‘boss mindset’ videos have amassed over 22,000 views (and counting) on YouTube. On a soul level, Irene truly believes that even the smallest shifts can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. This fundamental belief is why she recently launched – a mentoring and marketing platform to help female founders successfully market their own purpose-driven brands. The new platform offers coaching, courses and expert-led masterclasses on everything from starting a business to how to get your brand noticed by the media.

Dr. Tim Reynolds – Author & founder of Living Every Minute 

Its not a matter of what is the right balance (between work and
life), its a matter of what is the right balance for you at this moment.

Dr. Tim Reynolds is the President and CEO of Dr. Tim, International, a company he founded in 2009 to allow him to share his passion for Living Every Minute with others. Dr Tim was a graduate of the Special Forces Q-course in July of 1982. He served as a Green Beret medic on an A-Team, as the Battalion medic and eventually as a Special Forces Battalion Surgeon for the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He served both enlisted and as an officer from 1980 until 2000. Prior to starting HealthCARE Express in 2006, Dr. Tim held numerous positions across the medical field, including: medical director of the Wadley Regional Medical Center Emergency Department and level II trauma center; director, Texas College of Emergency Physicians Board of Directors; president of E-Med Services, LLP and of E-Med Billing Solutions, LLP; associate clinical professor for the Area Health Education Center at the University of Arkansas; founding member of the Greater People’s Clinic of Texarkana Board of Directors. Dr. Tim is also an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He is currently the chief executive officer of TL Reynolds Properties, LLP, a real estate investment company; and he is a managing partner of JJET Developments Ltd., a real estate development company. He is truly living a spectacular life and he wants everyone to do the same. He shows how in his book “Living Every Minute: Dr. Tim’s Pillars for Creating a Spectacular Life.” He shares the nuts and bolts of how to get out of the “Zombie life” and create spectacular in your life. His desire to help everyone onto the road to financial freedom, great health, spectacular relationships, and how to squeeze the juice out of all areas of life were his motivating factors to write the book. He lays out step-by-step processes, making the book an easy-to-use manual for anyone who wants to reach their fullest potential.