July 5, 2017 – Entrepreneur Photography John DeMato, DreamFunded Manny Fernandez & Bound Victor Luo

July 5, 2017 – Entrepreneur Photography John DeMato, DreamFunded Manny Fernandez & Bound Victor Luo

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John DeMato – Portrait Photographer For Thought Leaders and High-Level Entrepreneurs

John DeMato creates photographic content that not only tells his client’s stories, but, it also sells their brand, personality, products, services and experiences to their ideal clients. DeMato Productions is a NYC-based, branded lifestyle portrait studio where he helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders of various industries create high-volume, image content needed to get their business and brand to rockstar status.
John DeMatoJohn DeMato

Manny Fernandez – Investor on CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire Inventor & Co-Founder/CEO of DreamFunded.com

Manny Fernandez is a serial entrepreneur with one exit, a TV star and an active angel investor. He is passionate about encouraging and building startups, and was awarded the 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year and Equity Crowdfunding Leadership Award. He is a founder of SF Angels Group, an angel investment group that is making investments in high growth San Francisco/Silicon Valley tech startups. The group is made up of 32 accredited investors. Manny launched DreamFunded.com as CEO/Co-Founder. This unique company crowdfunds startups, by building an online marketplace that allows accredited investors to become equity holders in DreamFunded-managed funds. As an active angel investor, in TiE Angels and member of the start up community he is frequently honored to speak and judge for Silicon Valley startup pitch events and conferences. He has been a judge,speaker or panelist at events at; Pay Pal, USAWeek in Europe,  Stanford University,  Harvard University, Comcast, Ebay, and SXSW. He has been published as #14 of the Top 100 Angel Investors to Follow on Twitter, one of Inc. Magazines 33 Entrepreneurs to Watch, Thought Leaders to Watch in 2016 and was listed as #14 of Silicon Valley’s Most Well-Known Investors of 2016 by Business.com.
Manny FernandezManny Fernandez

Victor Luo – CEO and Co-founder of Bound

Victor Luo is a passionate high school student entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. Through his ventures, he is committed to providing social good while building his companies. He founded NEAR to provide high school scholarships for underprivileged rural high school students in China. He is also the founder and CEO of Bound, a meet up app that encourages punctuality through a monetary incentive. He has been working tirelessly to grow this company, while networking and forming strategic partnerships. Bound encourages punctuality by allowing one to make money when their friends are late. Victor designed and coded the front end display and backend of the app connecting it to an SQL server. He wrote the business plan and press release, which consisted of future market strategies, extensive market research, and evaluation of the competition. The company was featured on news sites, such as a published article on BostInno and in Boston Globe Magazine.
Victor LuoVictor Luo

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