December 18, 2023 – Design Guru Won J. You and Ivybrook Academy Founder Drew McWilliams

December 18, 2023 – Design Guru Won J. You and Ivybrook Academy Founder Drew McWilliams

Won J. You – Design Expert – Founder and Head of Design of Won J. You Studios

Rather than saying, “I need to be inspired to create something wonderful.”
Just start doing the work. Slowly, your brain is subconsciously adjusting and
synthesizing, even when you sleep. Some ideas will start to spring forth.

Won J. You

Won J. You is a seasoned design leader and educator who’s spent over 20 years designing and creating award-winning experiences. Currently, he leads the charge at WJY Studios, as chief disruptor and designer for social impact. He is inspired by creating immersive experiences and creating elegant and engaging products. In his past, Won has led innovation efforts as design director at Discovery Communications, where he successfully incubated, patented, and launched products such as More recently, he’s directed experience design work for Porsche, Edward Jones, Alzheimer’s Association, Bic, Cedar Fair, among others. His work has been featured in Commarts, .net Magazine and recognized by W3 awards and numerous others.

Drew McWilliams – Co-Founder of Ivybrook Academy 

The secret to selling a house is honesty and integrity. Not trying to sell
people. Same with franchising. People don’t want to be sold. If you treat
people like a real human being, being transparent, but present the
opportunity that the opportunity could go away. The opportunity
will not be there forever.

Drew McWilliams

Drew McWilliams is a dynamic speaker who has successfully transferred his wealth from being in real estate since age 19 to that of being the Co-Founder of the 9th largest preschool company in North America. In 2007, Drew and his wife founded Ivybrook Academy, a thriving network of children’s pre-schools. Under his leadership, Ivybrook Academy has flourished, expanding to 80 locations across 17 states in the U.S.. Ivybrook has also secured a place on Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious list of top 500 companies. On the real estate side, Drew brings over 20 years of real estate expertise to the table, having served as a licensed broker with a staggering $100 million in successful transactions. With his experience as a real estate professional, he is passionate about educating others on the opportunities available with passive real estate investing. While Drew’s professional achievements are nothing short of extraordinary, he finds balance and fulfillment in his personal life. He calls Charlotte, North Carolina, home, where he resides with his wife, Jennifer, their two children, and their beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Maple. Beyond the boardroom, Drew is a die hard weekly golfer, enjoys coaching his son’s ice hockey team, bleeding black & gold for his Pittsburgh Steelers, taking trips with his wife, and educating others & creating value in the world everyday. Drew’s passion for entrepreneurship is evident in his relentless pursuit of innovative business solutions and strategies. Drew is a staunch advocate for small business ownership and the franchising model. Drew McWilliams is a true embodiment of vision, leadership, and entrepreneurship, leaving an enduring legacy in both the business and education realms and he would love to share his experience with your audience. Some additional topics he would love to share with your audience: What do you do in the 2nd half of your career: passive real estate income Aligning Passion and Profit Rags to Riches: growing up in a mobile home to hitting the Entrepreneur Top 500 list How to run a business with your wife and stay happily married Scaling With Integrity.