March 30, 2015 – Bicycle Kickstarter Tivan Amour & Pro Skateboarder Dan MacFarlane

March 30, 2015 – Bicycle Kickstarter Tivan Amour & Pro Skateboarder Dan MacFarlane

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Tivan Amour – Co-Founder of Fortified Bicycle and Kickstarter Mega Success

Tivan Amour is the sales and operations guy at Fortified Bicycle. He previously led a product development team at a large fashion retailer, but as an entrepreneur, he has started companies in online marketing, real estate, and even personalized wake-up calls. In the summer of 2011, a friend got hit by a car, without using his bike light, which had been stolen. A third of city bicyclists have had their light stolen and a majority of bikers frequently forget their lights at home. Tivan and his team decided to solve the problem, and developed a light that cannot be stolen. Two successful Kickstarter campaigns later, they are about to unveil their newest bike product.
Tivan AmourTivan Amour

Dan MacFarlane – Pro Skateboarder and Licensing and Branding Expert

Dan MacFarlane is a professional skateboarder, but has pushed himself far past that. He started his own company, Mentality Skateboards, to produce educational products and other items. His bestselling instructional video “Skateboarding Explained” was recommended by The New York Times, was translated into Italian and Japanese, and is also Number 1 in the “Top 10 Best Instructional Skateboard Videos” list on He leads skateboard camps and clinics around the country where he has instructed thousands, including X-games athletes and celebrities. During this journey, he became an expert at licensing, branding, and product development. He has worked with NASA and The Houston Inventors Association, and was nominated by the Small Business Administration as “Young Entrepreneur of The Year.”
Dan MacFarlaneDan MacFarlaneDan MacFarlane

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