May 29, 2014 – MAC’s Nancy Whatley, New Crutches Partha Unnava & BLAMtastic Renee and Lily Sandler

May 29, 2014 – MAC’s Nancy Whatley, New Crutches Partha Unnava & BLAMtastic Renee and Lily Sandler

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Metro Atlanta Chamber ‘Business Person of the Year‘ Week

Nancy Whatley – Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at the Metro Atlanta Chamber – Highlight Here

Nancy Whatley is the entrepreneur’s best friend. Her efforts to connect liked mined business owners in town are unparalleled. She knows everybody and knows who needs to meet who. As a former business founder herself, she knows the challenges small business owners face first hand.  Nancy was a VP at GeorgiaPacific, but now with the Metro Atlanta Chamber she is responsible for generating new business development opportunities for  owners. In particular, she helps connect small and large businesses together. Nancy was a judge for the Business Person of the year and hopefully will spill some inside info!

Partha Unnava – CEO & Co-Founder at Better Walk – Highlight Here

Partha Unnava is the CEO of a medical device company that is rethinking crutches. Crutches, unbelievably have not been rethought is thousands of years! But we all know how horrible crutches can be. They kill your arms! Partha and two teammates decided to solve this problem. At 20, he started Better Walk to innovate healthcare to bring patients greater comfort.


Renee Sandler – Co-Founder and CEO – BLAMtastic and her Daughter and Co-Founder Lily Sandler – Highlight Here

Renee Sandler learned that only 12 of the Fortune 500 CEOs were women and decided to do something about it. She challenged her own daughters to start a business to learn female entrepreneurial empowerment. They started BLAMtastic in their kitchen. Renee has since been featured on CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Fox Business, and Time Magazine.  BLAMtastic is now carried by Wal-mart around the country! Lily, Renee’s eldest daughter, joins us to tell this incredible story.

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