January 10, 2020 – Shift Krister Ungerbock and CRM Resa Gooding

January 10, 2020 – Shift Krister Ungerbock and CRM Resa Gooding

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Krister Ungerböck – Founder of the global Talk SHIFT movement – Global Communication Expert – Former Tech CEO & Entrepreneur

Krister Ungerböck is a sought-after keynote speaker, award-winning CEO, and global communication expert who has been featured in national publications such as NPR, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. As the former CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world, Krister grew his company from $1M to $100M in shareholder value. His unique insights into communication, emotional intelligence and employee engagement are based on his experience leading teams in three languages and working with multilingual leaders in more than 40 countries.

Resa Gooding – Co-founder and Client Services Director of Cacao Media

Resa Gooding is a marketing automation and CRM expert specializing in generating leads, improving conversion rates, and improving closing rates with HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Salesforce, and similar platforms. She is the co-founder and Client Services Director of Cacao Media where she provides companies with cutting-edge CRM, marketing and sales automation systems. Resa helps companies scale successfully by granting people more time to do what they do best: closing deals. When Resa isn’t refining marketing strategies or training teams, she’ll pursue co-working spaced where she can share her marketing and sales knowledge with others.