May 4, 2021 – Crisis PR Anthony Hayes and Huge SMB Tax Changes Steve Moskowitz

May 4, 2021 – Crisis PR Anthony Hayes and Huge SMB Tax Changes Steve Moskowitz

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Anthony J. Hayes – President and Founder of The Hayes Initiative

Its about personal stories and creating a narrative. I think
people just get stuck on trying to sell the widget, but what
does the widget do? 

Anthony Hayes, president and founder of The Hayes Initiative, a boutique, certified LGBTQ-owned and operated public affairs and strategic communications firm in NYC, the largest media market in the world! Having spent has spent more than 18 years in communications, crisis management, and political and legislative campaigns. Before launching The Hayes Initiative and serving on Hillary For America’s nation advance team specializing in crisis management, Anthony Hayes spent two years as vice president of Public Affairs and Policy at GMHC, the nation’s leading and first HIV and AIDS service organization. From 2011 to 2014, he worked as an appointed official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, where he managed media and communications for the agency’s five airports, six bi-state crossings, PATH commuter rail, two high-traffic bus terminals, the largest East Coast seaport operation, the 16-acre World Trade Center site, and a 1,600-member police force. Today, Anthony owns and operates both his full service boutique firm THI as well as a unique offering: PR Tips From A Pro, which offers bite-sized online courses and consultations for individuals, new businesses, small businesses and nonprofits that have an immediate communication need but aren’t in a position to take on a PR firm on retainer. Hayes has brought his passion for advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community into everything he does and, through his work at The Hayes Initiative and beyond, is dedicated to building inclusivity into the structures of the organizations with which he works.

Steve Moskowitz – Founder of Moskowitz LLP 

The government is giving away the store and I know
that in the future there is going to be all kinds of taxes increases.
Right now, there is so much available from the government. 

Steve Moskowitz joins us to talk about tax law changes for small business, such as how to get a tax refund from previous years if a business experienced a loss in 2020. As a tax attorney for more than 30 years, Steve knows that clients’ lives – and livelihoods – can be upended or even destroyed when tax trouble arises. With extensive knowledge of tax law, a desire for swift and vigorous defense, and decades of experience with tax authorities and in the courts, he is unusually perceptive in assessing the best way forward, and the right resources to achieve resolution. Steve started Moskowitz LLP because he saw that while big corporations were consistently navigating the tax code to their advantage, smaller businesses and individuals were not. With prior experience as a CPA at a national accounting firm, and with extensive experience in the corporate world, Steve knew he could help smaller businesses and individuals by applying what he knew. He wanted to make a critical difference in businesses and individual lives that protected them from the powerful government and enabled them to keep and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of work that otherwise could be taken away from clients by the government in just one action. Today – together with a full team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and other professional staff – Moskowitz LLP helps business and individual clients across the country and overseas to resolve a wide variety of tax matters. The Moskowitz LLP team also creates strategies to utilize the tax code and relevant treaties to clients’ benefit, and provides ongoing tax support and tax return preparation. Unlike most firms, Moskowitz LLP clients pay a flat fee and are not subject to hourly rates.