June 30, 2014 – Fizzler Corbett Barr & Southern CA Angel Jim Brandt

June 30, 2014 – Fizzler Corbett Barr & Southern CA Angel Jim Brandt

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Corbett Barr  – Co-founder and CEO of FizzleCo – Highlight Here

Corbett Barr started a very popular blog called Think Traffic several years ago on the theme of building profitable audiences online. His success and the interest of some friends lead to a bigger goal, a training library and community for creative entrepreneurs. Fizzle was born to show writers, makers, coders and artists how to support themselves independently using online sales. Fizzle has two meanings. To fail in a disappointing way and to buzz or crackle. The goal is to provide the community and education to stop ideas from fizzling out and to create the energy to keep you motivated to grow your business. See another interview with Corbett here….

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Jim Brandt – Angel Investor at TechCoastAngels – Highlight Here

Jim Brandt started off in the movie theater business, but soon caught the entrepreneurship bug. He is part of the Executive Committee of Tech Coast Angels, a very active angel network in Southern California with over 300 active members. Among other things, Jim helps find and select great companies for the group to evaluate. Jim provides insight in to angel investing, talks about how entrepreneurs need to be coachable, talks about the famous ‘pivot,’ and wraps it up with some powerful comments on honesty. Jim has invested in over 25 startups including CurebitVerblingattuneAdsNativeRABBLBuyNow Worldwide, and Cambrian Genomics. Learn more about the Tech Coast Angels in the video below…

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