July 21, 2017 – Smart Guy Ryan Herd, Content Curation Scott Scanlon & It Girl Jessica Nazarali

July 21, 2017 – Smart Guy Ryan Herd, Content Curation Scott Scanlon & It Girl Jessica Nazarali

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Ryan Herd – Owner of One Sound Choice and the Smart Guy in of the Smart Home Automation Industry

Ryan Herd, owner of One Sound Choice, just released his book “Join the Smart Home Revolution.” He is fast becoming known as “The Smart Guy” – the face and voice of the smart home automation industry. He has lectured at trade shows and conferences and has trained Coldwell Banker realtors. Ryan started his first business at the age of 19 when he invented new audio concepts and proprietary technology for automotive sound design. In early 2000, Ryan established his first AV company. The switch to residential audio/visual integration pushed him to increase his education, certification, and experience in home integration systems, to stay on the cutting edge in AV applications. Within three years, he had built a dynamic, technically superior, and customer-driven team, which designed and built some of the most impressive high-end custom home theaters in existence today.
One Sound ChoiceOne Sound Choice

Scott Scanlon – Creator and Owner of Curation Suite  

Scott Scanlon is the creator and owner of Curation Suite, a content curation platform that gives you the power to curate and publish in any niche or market. Scott, a US Army veteran, is an entrepreneur with over ten years in digital marketing and a background in the music industry, real estate, technical consulting, and business development. Scott is also a coder and still enjoys the zen like flow of developing when he has time. He also runs FillMyProperty.com, a hub website designed to help you fill your rental, rent to own, or owner financed property as quick as possible.
Curation Suite Curation Suite

Jessica Nazarali – Business Strategist, Certified Master Coach, Founder of It Girl Academy & Host of It Girl Radio

Jessica Nazarali is a Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach. Jessica started a passion project in 2011, a online health food store and blog, which quickly gained popularity and reach. It was a just part-time project at the time, but it brought her deep satisfaction and joy. Jessica is the host of the popular “It Girl Radio Podcast” which pulls back the curtain on life stories and success secrets of industry influencers and thought leaders. It Girl Academy is serving thousands of students around the world, helping them build their own successful businesses and coaching practices. Through the It Girl Foundation, Jessica’s powerful mission and purpose, is to help women in developing countries earn $3-$5 per hour online, which in the process completely changes their life and financial situation. Jessica is known for developing the ‘Evergreen Model’ which simplifies advanced online marketing strategies to effectively develop a client enrollment system through evergreen content marketing.
Jessica NazaraliJessica Nazarali

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