January 8, 2020 – Comedy Entrepreneur John Kozma, BiPolar Biz Nick Muller and Home Happy Kathy Cummings

January 8, 2020 – Comedy Entrepreneur John Kozma, BiPolar Biz Nick Muller and Home Happy Kathy Cummings

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John Edmonds Kozma – CEO of Bang Productions 

In videos, forget all that. Lose the 30 second introduction
up front and go right into it. 

John Kozma created Bang Productions in 2016. Since then, Kozma has become known for upturning the industry with a new and unheard of approach—social media. Kozma was one of the first entrepreneurs to organically gain a following by connecting with users through social media platforms.  His use of social media is the foundation for his comedians’ wildly successful careers. For example, Kozma’s first client was Darren Knight, who has since been dubbed “The fastest rising comedian in America.”  Kozma went on to produce Knight’s Southern Momma An Em Comedy Tour that has since sold out over 200 consecutive shows all across country. Along the way, Kozma signed six additional comedians. Within his network, he has obtained 800 million minutes of content viewed on social media within the last 12 months, and built a network of over 10 million people through social media in just 3 years.

Nick Muller – Entrepreneur – Management Consultant – Business Advisor – Creator of The Market Leadership program – Author of BiPolar Business

Nick Muller is the author of BiPolar Business, a book that condenses 10 years of consulting into a practical how-to guide to be used as a recipe book for practical, hands-on business people who want to improve their team dynamics and focus their people internally so they can achieve real progress and get traction in their market. Before any company can implement a marketing strategy, they need to have their internal operation running like a well-oiled machine. The book walks each reader through specific dynamics a business leader needs to reverse so they can get their team on board with the direction, defeat cultural resistance and create sustainable long term growth. His insight comes not only from consulting, but also from growing and running his own business. In 2007, Nick exited a business that he had built prior to the Global Financial Crisis. During that time, Muller had built his business to the point where it ran smoothly even when he wasn’t around. But getting to that point was harrowing, and he almost lost his company trying to figure it out. After finding the formula for success, Nick went on to articulate the path to a sustainable, profitable business in an easy-to-read format.

Kathy Cummings – SVP; Homeownership Solutions & Affordable Housing Programs at Bank of America

Kathy Cummings leads the Homeownership Solutions & Affordable Housing Programs at Bank of America. As of April of 2019, Bank of America has been helping new homeowners meet their down payment and closing cost needs with a $5 billion program designed to get more people in houses they own and love. Kathy Cummings works with approximately 500 HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and supports them with their fee for service, pre-purchase homebuyer education program called Connect to Own®. They supported this program at the bank for about 14 years, and have assisted over 168,000 clients with this program. Kathy has a technology background. She joined Bank of America back in 2003 working on the technology team supporting the mortgage business. Kathy believes that when you see a client become a homeowner and all the hopes and dreams that surround that event, there is certainly nothing more rewarding.