October 16, 2020 – 4 Degrees of Seperation Ablorde Ashigbi and Colocation America’s Albert Ahdoot

October 16, 2020 – 4 Degrees of Seperation Ablorde Ashigbi and Colocation America’s Albert Ahdoot

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Ablorde Ashigbi – Founder and CEO at 4Degrees

We use Contact Relationship Strength Scoring to figure your
best path to a given company or person. 

Ablorde Ashigbi is the Founder CEO of 4Degrees, a Chicago-based technology company applying machine intelligence to help teams in relationship-driven industries manage their most important source of opportunity: their professional networks. By plugging into communication and social channels, 4Degrees helps professionals understand who they and their teams know, and how well they know them. Prior to founding 4Degrees, he was a venture capitalist with Pritzker Group in Chicago. Ablorde began his career at Bain & Company as a consultant and is a graduate of Harvard University. He speaks to audiences about the importance of relationship management in company building; with teammates, customers, investors, and advisors. Ablorde and his team are particularly experienced in helping finance and investment companies, real estate professionals, and consultants; they help automatically track their relationships & deal with actionable intelligence to move them forward.

Albert Ahdoot – Director of Business Development at Colocation America

Pick up the phone, call the customer and see what the issue is
and resolve it. Instead of days and days of trouble shooting over email. 

Albert Ahdoot has been a successful entrepreneur focused on building IT businesses through meaningful relationships for over two decades. He is a highly respected business development expert who has helped many technology companies achieve great success. His flagship company, Colocation America, was founded to serve as the premier data center provider for IT solutions looking for a secure and scalable IT. At Colocation America, Albert drives scalability and efficiency with his thorough understanding of data center technology and efficiency. While establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur in 2000 with founding his marketing company, Mushoo Inc, Albert simultaneously became a shareholder of UnitedLayer; exceeding business development goals. These two successful businesses led Albert to create Colocation America, a company focused on delivering scalable and secure data center solutions wherever clients need it.